What are the benefits of business blogging?

What are the four benefits of business blogging? Do you blog? Discover the answers within this 2 minutes 23 second audio blog.

How often do you blog? What challenges do you face? Share your blog URL via www.marketingcompass.co.uk and I will give you some feedback.


2 Replies to “What are the benefits of business blogging?”

  1. Hey Nigel,

    Really liked the Blog/Podcast…

    What’s your tip for getting the content done? Do you subscribe to business owners write themselves or out source?

    P.S – I just uploaded a blog for your feed back

  2. Hi Marcus, Thanks for asking this. Yes, I think that owners of small businesses should write their own content. They generally can’t afford to hire external help for this. (I realise, however, that many of them would prefer to visit the dentist than do this). Is this the same in Australia? Kind regards, Nigel

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