Marketing advice

You can get marketing advice from books, seminars and the internet. The challenge is that this advice is generic and not tailored for your business. The following list may help and I have provided a couple of ways that you can receive 1-2-1 advice, at the end. Marketing can help you to attract more customers, […]

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Integrity in marketing

Does integrity matter in marketing, or in business for that matter? Seeing this question from the customer’s perspective, they like to be treated well. If there is a problem, they want it resolved quickly. Companies can save money by cutting down on service levels, avoiding their responsibilities and controlling customer communications through the use of […]

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Is the customer always right?

Is the customer always right? The answer to this question is: not all the time. However, if you want to attract and keep customers it is best to start from this point of view. Even if they are entirely wrong, it will help if you listen to them and ask yourself the question: “What am […]

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The AIDCA copywriting model

The AIDCA copywriting model will help you to get better response: 1. Headline or opening line gets Attention 2. Product description generates Interest 3. The offer / proposition produces Desire 4. Guarantee / reassurance gives Conviction 5. Call to action Action generates sales AIDCA can be used throughout the promotional mix. Have you tried this model? Did it […]

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Opt in email list sign up process

With GDPR on the horizon, it is more important than ever to have an opt in process for your email list. Here is a diagram showing an effective process for getting your target market to subscribe to your email list: Customers have problems / challenges that they have to resolve sooner or later. Try to […]

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Does fear of software stop you from trying digital marketing ideas?

Are you comfortable around software? Do you find it easy to learn? Would your business attract more customers if you could master the art of using marketing software? Digital marketing has brought us new ways to communicate with customers. Every day, new apps, platforms and functionality are launched by software developers. On the one hand, […]

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