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Does fear of software stop you from trying digital marketing ideas?

Are you comfortable around software? Do you find it easy to learn? Would your business attract more customers if you could master the art of using marketing software? Digital marketing has brought us new ways to communicate with customers. Every day, new apps, platforms and functionality are launched by software developers. On the one hand, […]

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Marketing learning and training

During 30 years as a marketing consultant, trainer and speaker I have found that much has changed. The world wide web, search technology, the ubiquitous smartphone, Apps, and software as a service come to mind. To a large extent, the underlying psychology of marketing has not changed as this is based on the human psyche. […]

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Marketing skills 7 point checklist

Here is a checklist of 7 marketing skills: 1. Lifetime learner.  See: Is it important to keep learning? and Do you like learning? 2. Good with software and computers in general, for that matter. Do you enjoy learning new software programs? 3. The ability to think long term. Otherwise, you are continually in the battle, aren’t […]

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Do you like learning?

Do you love to learn? I have been an independent marketing consultant for 29 years and I can tell you that my greatest successes have been with clients who answer “Yes” to this question. If you have answered “Yes”, then what are you learning at the moment? Does this include professional knowledge, soft skills, a […]

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Too old to learn to play music

I started playing guitar when I was 16 years old. The previous year, I had asked for piano lessons. The teacher said that I was “much too old for music lessons and that it was too late to learn an instrument.” So my friend Laurence taught me some guitar chords. I discovered that ‘Get It […]

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