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Marketing strategy advice

I’m often asked for marketing strategy advice as I have worked with several thousand businesses in this area. Here are some of the questions that I ask, during an initial conversation: *  Do you have a business plan? *  When was the last time that this was reviewed? *  Do you have a written marketing […]

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Brand strategy

All businesses, no matter what size, should ‘think brand’. Here is a Mind Map (click to expand) which shows the key elements of branding. Scroll down to see a checklist, which explains what the branches mean. Brand strategy Begin with a clear set of objectives for your brand. What does it stand for? What is […]

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Customer attraction system

Do you have a Customer Attraction System (CAS) as part of your business model? Does it generate a steady stream of conversations, sales enquiries and sales? Is it predictable? During the last century, marketing was largely all about pushing. Companies pushed the (unwilling) customer towards their brands, using expensive advertising, telesales, direct mail and sales […]

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New years resolutions for your business

Do you make New Years Resolutions? During the Christmas break, business owners inevitably think about their enterprises. Here are some suggestions for business-orientated resolutions: * Build your brand. One way of doing this is to…. * Create more awareness, as new customers need to find you. The more often that your name keeps ‘popping up’, […]

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