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How to build your LinkedIn network

In order to build your LinkedIn network, follow these steps. More connections lead to more conversations, which in turn leads to more business. Think in terms of contacts, clients, influencers, prospective clients and highly networked people. LinkedIn will then work better for you. You can accept up to 30,000 connections; however you only (initially) have […]

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Twitter analytics

I am quite used to business people being cynical about Twitter. “That’s just for sharing cat pictures!” they shout at me, during my workshops and marketing talks. Twitter currently has 317 million active users (including Donald Trump). I have used Twitter for several years. Here’s why: * Google indexes Tweets (so it’s helpful from an […]

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7 LinkedIn tips

Here are 7 LinkedIn tips: 1). Update your Profile. Here are some LinkedIn Profile tips 2). Continually build your network, even when you’re busy. It is better to build your network gradually, over time, than in a sudden rush. Give a reason for making a connection, i.e. that you both know a LinkedIn member. 3). […]

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