Is it important to keep learning?

Most people would answer “yes” to the question: “Is it important to keep learning?” However, now that we all have 2nd brains (smartphones), why bother? After all, you can look up facts and figures and get instant answers on your phone, can’t you? If you need to get a complex task done, you can hire an expert.

Increasingly, the expert will come with 5 star recommendations from a website / App. For example, there are currently TV adverts for websites where you can hire household jobs experts (plumbers, electricians etc). If you need a freelancer, you can try or a similar platform.

You can now talk in real time to another person in a foreign language (that you don’t speak) using an App. It is not perfect, but software has a habit of getting better, doesn’t it?

So why bother learning anything?

Here are some reasons to keep learning:

  • The more you learn, the more connections your brain makes
  • Greater knowledge = greater confidence
  • Having a conceptual understanding of a subject makes all the difference when it comes to decision making
  • Your job / business is probably threatened by AI (so this is a good time to learn something new)
  • If you don’t keep learning, what do you think happens to your brain?
  • Successful peoples are learners

What do you think? How will learning change over the next five years?

By the way, what are you learning at the moment?

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7 reasons why your marketing is failing

Here are seven reasons why your marketing is failing (or not working like a well oiled machine):

STRATEGY  In the midst of confusion, do you have a clear strategy? Does it include a clear offer to a defined marketplace?

PLANNING  Do you have an easy to understand written plan that you refer to regularly?

CUSTOMER  Is the customer at the heart of your business? Do you have enough customers? If not, why not?

COMMUNICATION  Are you a natural creative communicator? Do you enjoy writing?

PROMOTION  Do you have an effective promotional mix? How many ways are you ‘getting the word out’?

INTERNET  Have you embraced digital marketing? We now live in a digital economy: are you part of it?

SELLING  Do you dislike selling to people? Have you been a quota bearing sales professional? What is your conversion rate? Are you recording the sales pipeline numbers? Are you generating enough sales leads?

There is an 8th reason: YOU. Are you getting in the way of your own success? This could be because of lack of clarity, not having a mentor, feeling overwhelmed, being drawn to the same old (ineffective) processes or listening to your peer group / family who: A. love you and B. tell you all the reasons why you won’t succeed.

Written by marketing consultant, trainer, speaker and author Nigel Temple.
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Fear of failure

To a large extent, success in business is all about your ability to handle the fear of failure. The more you take the initiative and do stuff, the more likely it is that you will fail.

I have been involved in sales and marketing for a quarter of a century.

During this time, I have witnessed great successes and great failures. The millionaires I have worked with know that failure is a feedback mechanism. “OK, so that approach didn’t work out. Let’s try another way of doing this,” they respond.

If you are an internet marketer, you will know all about the fear of failure. High bounce rates, poor responses to email marketing, SEO results which keep on changing – the list is endless. Some things work, some things crash and burn. The important thing is to keep learning from the endless feedback loop which comprises the internet.

If you are selling professional services, you need to get in front of prospective clients. Do you have a CRM system? Does it contain thousands of contact details? Do you have a promotional mix which enables you to keep in touch with dormant, current and prospective clients? Are you picking up the phone and talking to people? Are you filling your diary with sales meetings?

Recently, I have been picking up the phone and talking to members of The Marketing Compass, which is a group  of small business owners who are interested in marketing. I have heard some amazing stories, regarding the recessionary years we have just been through (and are hopefully now emerging from). “I lost most of my clients last year,” a member told me. “I knew that it wasn’t my fault. So I picked myself up, dusted myself off and took your advice. I kept adding to my list of contacts and I kept in touch with them. I chose the ones I really wanted to work with. I kept asking them questions and I suggested helpful ways that they could improve their business. Two of them have now signed me up for on-going work. As you keep telling me Nigel: never give up.”

As the saying goes, it’s not what happens to you that counts, it’s how you handle what happens to you. Thomas J Watson Senior, the founder of IBM said that the formula to success is easy: simply double your rate of failure. Don’t fear failure: learn from it. I wish you great success with everything that you do.

If you have any questions about the fear of failure, just ask!