Telemarketing training

The central challenge with telemarketing is what the caller should be saying in the first 10 seconds of the call. Overwhelmingly, almost as soon as the telemarketer starts talking, the recipient of the call just wants to get rid of them.

I’m delivering two telemarketing training events this month, for separate clients. Telemarketing is part of the promotional mix (which contains over 300 different techniques). In a digital economy, using the phone to sell is still remarkably effective, if it is done properly.

Sadly, this is not usually the case, as can be attested by virtually all of the cold calls that our office receives. Do cold callers get through to you? How do they get on? How do you treat them?

I spent several years in sales in my early career, with Rank Xerox and their channel partners. I was subsequently a coach with an international sales training programme.  I have always enjoyed learning about sales and practising my skills in this area. This is partly because of the psychology of selling, which is fascinating.

Is sales something that you dread or enjoy, I wonder? Do you ‘hit the phones’ to get more business? Is this working for you?

When people ask me what I do, I tell them about my four step system: 1) Marketing plan. 2) Website review and update. 3) Promotional mix review and relaunch. 4) Sales skills.

On this basis, telemarketing is part of both 3 and 4 on this list as it can be used as part of the promotional mix and also as part of the sales process (i.e to close that sale!)

My Telemarketing training course includes a process which can generate conversations with 50% of the people you call. Sales conversations lead to the discovery of needs – which is where the sales journey begins.

Sometimes, the business people who are interested in telesales training also want to talk to me about other forms of sales lead generation or the many things that connect to the sales process, i.e. their website. Knowing something about strategy, copywriting, digital marketing and the promotional mix can come in handy, when these questions arise.

Telemarketing tips

Do you use the telephone, in order to sell your products / services? Do you get nervous? If that’s a “Yes”, here are some telemarketing tips which you may find helpful.

‘Telemarketing’ includes all forms of outbound calls, including appointment setting and direct sales (‘telesales’).

* Use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system in order to store all of your contacts. A (cloud based) example is (which we use in our office).
* Have a clear objective for your calls. However, be prepared to be flexible, as the call proceeds (otherwise you will sound like a robot).
* If there is a pre existing relationship, the whole experience will be much less daunting, i.e. via networking. It will help if you have a Customer Attraction System.
* Schedule time during the week to make calls.
* Put yourself in a good mood, by listening to some of your favourite music, before you call. Choose up-tempo tracks.
* Stand up, when you start to make calls.
* Introduce yourself, using your first and last name (no matter how well you know the person you are calling).
* Ask if this is a good time to talk. Most telemarketers don’t do this, so this will differentiate you. Once you have ‘permission to talk’, the conversation will proceed more smoothly.
* Depending on the nature of the call, you may wish to use a brief pre-written script (contact me if you wish to discuss this, as you can achieve up to an 80% success rate with the right wording).
* The objective of the script is to move you from the introduction phase (Part A) to the sales conversation (Part B).
* Ask open questions, as they can’t be answered with a yes or a no.
* Once you are talking to a decision maker, take your time, listen and build the relationship.
* People remember how you made them feel – not precisely what you said.

Within The Marketing Compass, we run a half day telemarketing training day.

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