Sharing digital content

I have found that running a social media website is a continual learning curve. During the Christmas break, I added e-commerce functionality to The Marketing Compass website …which meant that I had to sort out an SSL Certificate (in order to have https:// hyperlinks).

The primary reason for doing this is to enable us to share digital content with our members. Compass members (forever free) can login, click on ‘Resource centre’ and download 101 CATs (Customer Attraction Techniques).

Navigator and NavigatorPlus members can also download a series of marketing guides including a marketing strategy checklist. This list will grow over the coming weeks and months.

What else should I add into the Resources section? I have been writing about marketing for 30 years – so I have quite a few guides, booklets and e-books on my computer.

The Marketing Compass website was originally launched as a place where I could answer marketing questions. I receive quite a few of these, as I am a marketing speaker and trainer. Rather than replying to questions at length via emails, I ask seminar delegates whether they would mind if we ‘shared the love’ (as I understand they call it in California) via our interactive website – so that thousands of members can benefit.

We are currently looking for copywriters, graphic designers, printers, sales trainers and other experts to share their knowledge via our community. If you are interested, you are welcome to join us.

Social media video blog

I am continuing my experiment with video blogging including starting a social media video blog. I have learned quite a bit, already. I don’t have the time to sit in front of the camera, during the day, so I have produced the videos in the evening. This may change, if my film career takes off(!) (This is starting to feel like Captain Kirk’s personal log).

The filming works better if I rehearse. However, trying to read a script doesn’t work. In the past, I have used Mind Maps – which have proved to be helpful, so I’ll probably use them again.

My motto is: ’little and often beats big and infrequent.’  I hope to get at least two or three editions ’in the can’ each week, as we say in the movie business.

I have decided to give this project a name: ’The Marketing Compass show’. You are welcome to join the debate here: The Marketing Compass website.

Within this edition, I have spent some time getting to grips with Windows Live Movie Maker. I am not sure if I will have the time to continue using this, in the future. So here is edition 2. This time, I am talking about social media and sharing some feedback from my seminar audiences with you. Listen to my response to this viewpoint:  “Twitter is a waste of time, isn’t it!”

If you have any questions about starting a social media video blog, just ask!