Website checklist

Here is a website checklist:Website Review by Nigel Temple

1. What is the main objective for your website?

2. Is your site customer focused?

3. Are you happy with your CMS (Content Management System)?

4. Is your design modern and professional?

5. Is your website optimised for the search engines?

6. Do you have more than 100 pages of content on your site?

7. Are you promoting your site consistently, using a varied promotional mix?

8.  Are you measuring results (analytics, leads and sales)?

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Website review service

Nigel TempleAre you happy with your website results? Are you receiving sufficient hits, visitors and sales enquiries? Would it help to have a website review with a professional marketing consultant? Nigel Temple has taught internet marketing since 2000. He has helped over 10,000 enterprises to get better results from their websites. The discussion includes your objectives; design and structure; website words; SEO; social media strategy; technical issues; customer engagement; and sales leads / e-commerce sales.

Discover a series of practical, easy to implement changes which can transform your website performance. Benefit from Nigel’s considerable experience and his straightforward advice, feedback and ideas.

Websites are ‘marketing hubs’ which provide a central focus for attracting more customers. Your website needs to create a professional first impression, be easy to navigate and generate a steady flow of business. Nigel can show you how to pull everything together, so that your website generates the results which you deserve.

Choose from a 1-2-1 meeting, a team meeting, a talk to a large group or via a Skype call.

Looking for website project management / strategic direction?
I am often asked to manage website development projects – in order to ensure the best possible results. This can include my webcopy writing services.

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