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WordPress benefits

Here are 10 WordPress benefits: 1.  The software is free. 2.  WordPress gives you control over your own website: it is a CMS (Content Management System). 3.  Thousands of plugins are available, mostly for free. They provide software functionality, i.e. forms creation and help with SEO. 4.  There are thousands of WordPress themes (‘look and […]

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Who reads blogs?

I have just been asked an interesting question within The Marketing Compass website: Who reads blogs? Google loves bloggers. Their algorithm scores a website higher if it can find a blog there. The key issue is that Google is moving towards semantic search. Semantic search = a search query that determines the intent and context of the search […]

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WordPress review

WordPress started life as a blogging tool and was released in 2003 by its creators, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. The software is free to use and it has developed into a popular Content Management System (CMS), which allows you to edit your own website. Some 23% of the world’s websites currently use the WordPress […]

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Website checklist

Here is a website checklist: 1. What is the main objective for your website? 2. Is your site customer focused? 3. Are you happy with your CMS (Content Management System)? 4. Is your design modern and professional? 5. Is your website optimised for the search engines? 6. Do you have more than 100 pages of […]

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