I lost my wedding ring

On February 15th (the day after Valentines), I realised that my wedding ring had gone. I searched around my desk, the floor and everywhere I had been that morning, to no avail.

My wedding ring is the only item that I wear, 24 hours a day. It has become part of me. The strange thing was that I could still feel it there, as I absent mindedly went to rotate it, both during the day and whilst I lay awake at night.

I had been for a meeting, the previous day, at a local hotel. So I returned and crawled around the chair I had been sitting on. No ring.

I kept searching, over the next few days. I tried retracing my footsteps in my minds’ eye. When had I lost it? Where could it be? I realised how much a part of me the ring had become, once it had gone.

Last night, my wife found the ring, in our napkin drawer. We celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary this year, so I am glad that I will be wearing my wedding ring on that occasion.

The moral of this story is to never to give up hope. That which has been lost, can be found again. In your personal and business life – if you have done it before, you can find the strength to do it again.

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