How to go viral on YouTube

Everyone keeps asking me: “How to go viral on YouTube?”

The primary answer is that you have to be creative. Having taught creative thinking for 12 years at CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing), I can tell you that this is a challenge for many of us. It’s much safer to ‘stay in the groove’, do what we did last year and adopt so called ‘industry best practice’, which translates as “do what everyone else is doing.”

The secondary answer is to produce an emotional reaction in the viewer, i.e. laughter, shock or surprise. Professional marketers have known for a long time that an emotional appeal is more effective than a logical argument. By the way, you are welcome to ask questions about viral marketing, YouTube etc via The Marketing Compass website.

Once you have a creative video with emotional impact, the third answer is to use social media to promote it. Dave Clark from NRG Business Networks brought the following YouTube video to my attention, via Facebook. As Dave says, it’s well worth watching! As you will see, it’s creative and generates an emotional reaction.

If you have any questions about how to go viral on YouTube, just ask!

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  1. Congratulations Nigel for Hitting the first page of Google with this post!

    I am in a workshop with you right now and this is a great testimonial that what you are teaching really works! ( I had no doubt about it ~_~)

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