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Creative thinking skills

By October 6th, 2014No Comments

Creative thinking skills give you an unfair advantage in business. If you can create new ideas on demand, you’ll be better equipped to overcome challenges, create new product ideas and sail past the competition. The question is, are you a creative thinker?

I have asked several thousand seminar delegates this question (I taught Creative Thinking for Marketers for 12 years at CIM, the Chartered Institute of Marketing). It was always interesting to watch people’s reactions to this question. Sadly, the majority of delegates did not raise their hands. Which is a shame, as every human being is naturally creative.

Creativity is all about coming up with new ideas. Immediately, we encounter the first challenge, as the human brain may respond by saying: “Oh, I can’t do that!”

The answer is to be open to the idea of thinking about alternatives, to any given challenge. At this stage, you don’t have to actually come up with new ideas – you just have to be OK with the belief that you can do this.

The next stage is to be able to come up with several options, to a given challenge. Two or three options would be OK. A larger number would be better, as the quality of your solutions is directly connected to the number of options you generate.

Here is an exercise for you. The next time you encounter a challenge, think of at least three ways to solve it. I would be interested to know how you get on. You are welcome to post a reply to this blog or you could let me know via

Incidentally, I offer creative thinking training – this can be delivered 1-2-1, to small groups or to audiences of any size.


Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple BA (Hons) MCIM is a marketing consultant, speaker and trainer. He helps enterprises to find more customers and to communicate with them more effectively. Email: | Call: 01628 773128