Homeless man returns diamond engagement ring

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Billy Ray Harris, a homeless man living in Kansas City has returned a diamond engagement ring. Sarah Darling and her fiancee Bill Krejci have subsequently raised US$140,000 for Billy Ray.

According to the London Times, at the start of February, Billy Ray was homeless, lived under a bridge and spent his days in a square in Kansas City. Sarah Darling had accidentally dropped the ring into his cup.

The money is sufficient to buy a three bedroom house in Kansas City. Billy ray commented: “I don’t deserve it. What is the world coming to when a person returns something that doesn’t belong to him and all this happens?”

Within giveforward, Bill Krejci writes: “Billy Ray Harris returned my wife’s engagement ring after she accidentally put it into his cup. You may have heard the stories. A friend of my wife’s told a local Kansas City news station, KCTV. They ran a story, and it went viral big-time, eventually being picked up by many national and international news outlets. After friends expressed interest in helping out Billy Ray I put this site together to take donations for him. All donations will be given directly to Billy Ray at the end of the 90 day GiveForeward Campaign. Thank you for your generosity.”

This story reminded me of when I lost my wedding ring.


Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple

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