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How to get the writing done

By November 19th, 2020No Comments
Getting the writing done

When I am asked ‘how to get the writing done’, I ask a question: “What is the first thing you do when you start working, each morning?”

Most people tell me that they answer their emails. Here’s a suggestion for you. Leave the emails alone. Start a little earlier and write 300 words.

If you did this every morning, for the next 21 days, you would have 6,300 words. Enough for an e-book.

Many of the most influential people on the planet are authors. They didn’t get there by saying: “Oh. I don’t have any ideas today.”

They made writing a part of their daily routine. Ask a novelist and they will tell you that writing takes discipline. You have to make it a habit.

Early morning is a great time to write, before you open those emails.

Your mind is fresh. The house or office is quiet. The phones aren’t ringing.

I say this because I am a ‘lark’ (early riser). I know that you may be an ‘owl’: someone who can work late into the evening.

The important thing is to make writing a routine, no matter what time of day you do it.

It’s amazing what happens, once you get started. My advice is not to wait for a sudden bolt of lightning. Remember that “little and often” beats “big and infrequent”, so write something every day.

You will find that once you get started, the ideas start to roll.

At unexpected times, new ideas will come to you.

Why not get started today, by jotting some topics down.

For business people, the writing could take the form of a blog, which can feed your newsletter. Regular blogging about your area of professional expertise helps to clarify your thoughts.

In addition, when you write, you learn.


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