Hootsuite Hootlet review and benefits

Hootsuite’s  Hootlet enables you to search social media and share directly from a webpage. Hootlet is a free website browser extension, available in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It can be used as a bookmarklet within other browsers.

It enables you to:
*  Search in Google and to also see social media results for your search term
*  Share interesting content, with one click and without leaving the browser window you’re using
*  Highlight interesting text and share with your social media contacts, including a message
*  Share photographs, images and videos on the fly
*  Post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social media platforms
*  Schedule posts (day / time)

A side pop up window appears on the right hand side of the screen, showing social media content which is relevant to your Google search term.

I have found mixed reviews for Hootlet on the web. As usual, these range from ‘unimpressed’ to ‘love it’. It took me a few minutes to get used to the way in which the buttons work and once I had got to grips with it I was most impressed.




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