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Why upgrading my phone has changed my life

By January 26th, 2018No Comments

I like the Apple 4 that I have owned for several years, however, I have been finding the (3 and a half inch) screen to be a little on the small side. So over Christmas I did some research and found that the reviewers loved the Samsung Galaxy S4.

This time around, I had already decided that I would not be going for the latest new fangled gadget so the fact that the S4 is over a year old was no problem. I went to my local phone store early one morning and I was ushered over to a sales person who proved to be very helpful. A benefit by the way of being happy to use slightly older technology, particularly when it comes to mobiles, is that you get a much better price. In this instance, my monthly bill has dropped from £36 to £26. Whatsmore, I now have a 5″ screen and a 16 megapixel camera.

I am not quite old enough to have started out with a box brownie camera, but in my childhood you used black and white film that you had to leave at a shop for a week for them to process for you. Having a camera of this quality, which is always to hand, is fantastic.

I have already used an image from my S4 for my Twitter profile and I did this via the phone (the big screen helped).

Everything works better with a bigger screen, including videos, searching the internet and composing texts. Android took a while to get used to, however, I have found my favourite apps as well as several new ones.

Another useful feature is the ability to add additional memory. My phone came with 16MB of memory, which is what I had in my Apple; however, unlike the Apple, I can remove the back of the Samsung phone and insert additional memory (I think up to a maximum of 64MB). This will enable me to store my extensive music collection and many more photos and videos (if I wish) on on the phone. Apparently, there is 50GB of free storage available via Dropbox, which is something that I will be looking into.

Finally, I can now see how some of the people I follow on Instagram create such amazing pictures: they must have a similar phone to Samsung Galaxy S4.

Nigel Temple

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