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It is all too easy to get lost within Google AdWords screens and options, isn’t it? In particular, I have noticed that the underlying strategy for many AdWords users is wrong. This means that they don’t generate as much business as they should do, for a given monthly spend.

Google AdWords does work, as long as you are prepared to either:

A. Spend a considerable amount of time learning how to set up, test, monitor and tune Campaigns, Ad groups and Ads (not to mention keyword research).


B. Pay someone to do it all for you. The challenge is that there will be a built in additional cost every month, for as long as you are running your AdWords Campaigns.

The alternative is to get some training, so that you can learn what works and what doesn’t.

In competitive markets, if you go with the crowd and produce “me to” advertising and promotion, you won’t get noticed.

I offer Google AdWords strategic advice and training for companies. In addition, this is part of NavigatorPlus membership of The Marketing Compass.

For more information, either¬†email me, call 01628 773128 or fill in this form (please refer to “AdWords” within your message):

Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple BA (Hons) MCIM is a marketing consultant, speaker and trainer. He helps enterprises to find more customers and to communicate with them more effectively. Email: | Call: +44 (0)1628 773128

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