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Is it worth me considering PR as a way of getting my name out there?

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I was asked this question within The Marketing Compass website by Walter Blackburn, who is an experienced public speaking and presentations skills trainer. His company is Presenting Success – well worth a look.

Here is my response: Yes, PR works and it is a great way of getting your name out there. If you are happy to talk to journalists and reach out to them, it can have a considerable impact on your business. PR is a great way of generating brand awareness.

When I ran a PR and markeiting communications agency, we took small ‘invisible’ enterprises and made them well known within their industry and target markets.

With regards to your business, it would be a good idea to contact the local consumer and business media in order to let them know that you are there. Virtually everyone needs to improve their public speaking and presentation skills and business owners and decision makers may well pick up on a story in their local press (for us, this would be The Maidenhead Advertiser, which is a well respected and long established weekly newspaper which runs a business section every month).

Why not build a list of media contacts with whom you could exchange emails and have telephone conversations? They may wish to interview you or they may request copy from you in terms of articles and case studies.

In the 21st century, PR fits in with social media. Many journalists use Twitter and you can connect with them there.”

What to look for in a marketing speaker

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Here is a checklist of what to look for in a marketing speaker:
* Look for a professional public speaker who has done this many times before.
* They should either pick up the phone when you call, or get back to you within the hour.
* Find someone who understands your objectives.
* Look for someone with a sense of humour; you are not booking a stand up comedian, however, audiences connect with speakers who can make them smile.
* During your first conversation, they should listen to you without interrupting.
* Are they calm?
* Do they understand traditional as well as digital marketing?
* Having listened to you and understood your requirements – are they asking you lots of questions about the event, the audience and what you want them to deliver?
* A few decades of hands on marketing experience would be helpful – both from agency and consulting perspectives.
* Can they provide tailored handouts for your event?
* Find a speaker who will put the effort into the preparation process.
* Find someone who will turn up early at the venue.
* What sort of follow up services can they offer? For example, are they willing to answer questions via Twitter or do they have an interactive website where questions can be answered?
* Search for their name on Google – what do you find?

Nigel Temple is a professional marketing speaker and trainer. He is in demand for marketing talks and presentations. You can book him via Specialist Speakers or email or call her on +44(0)1628 773128.