Tubebuddy review – YouTube productivity

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Are you using videos to market your business? If not, you should consider doing so.

Do you have a YouTube channel? Hopefully, you have answered ‘yes’ to this question as
there are over 400 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute of the day.
A billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

Tubebuddy channel management browser plugin helps content creators,
brands and networks grow their brands directly from within YouTube.

Tubebuddy is a Chrome browser extension that integrates with your YouTube channel.

* Perform bulk updates to your videos, i.e. adding annotations or cards to all your videos with a few clicks.

* Create embed codes with the full list of options for adding videos or playlists to your website.

* Use Tubebuddy to perform Find/Replace routines on your videos.

* Generate professional custom thumbnails using screenshots and branding/text layers.

* Export your list of subscribers and their social profiles.

* Promote your new upload across all other videos.

* A series of End Screen Templates are available.

Tubebuddy is a paid for service and the pricing starts at US$9 per month.

If you are serious about your YouTube channel then Tubebuddy is worth looking at.



Video frequency – how often should you shoot YouTube videos?

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I am often asked about video frequency: “how often should you shoot YouTube videos?” Short videos are a powerful way of communicating. Video marketing will start to happen for you if you have everything permanently set up in your office. In addition, if you carry a video camera or a suitable smartphone with you, you can film events which you attend and interview customers.

Here is an example of a short YouTube video which I shot in my office:

My answer to this question is “at least once a week.” This is on the basis that ‘little and often beats big and infrequent’.

It is fine to spend some of your budget on high class movies, i.e. for your homepage (if you are looking for a videographer, ask me for a recommendation, or ask via The Marketing Compass website).

Here are some things I have learnt / am aware of:

* I realise that the quality is not great (within the above video), so I will be upgrading the equipment I use.

* I have discovered that the more videos I shoot, the more confident I get.

* Within YouTube, you can tag your videos, just like you would a web page – so there are SEO benefits.

If you have any questions about video marketing, you are welcome to ask via

How to go viral on YouTube

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Everyone keeps asking me: “How to go viral on YouTube?”

The primary answer is that you have to be creative. Having taught creative thinking for 12 years at CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing), I can tell you that this is a challenge for many of us. It’s much safer to ‘stay in the groove’, do what we did last year and adopt so called ‘industry best practice’, which translates as “do what everyone else is doing.”

The secondary answer is to produce an emotional reaction in the viewer, i.e. laughter, shock or surprise. Professional marketers have known for a long time that an emotional appeal is more effective than a logical argument. By the way, you are welcome to ask questions about viral marketing, YouTube etc via The Marketing Compass website.

Once you have a creative video with emotional impact, the third answer is to use social media to promote it. Dave Clark from NRG Business Networks brought the following YouTube video to my attention, via Facebook. As Dave says, it’s well worth watching! As you will see, it’s creative and generates an emotional reaction.

If you have any questions about how to go viral on YouTube, just ask!

Social media video blog

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I am continuing my experiment with video blogging including starting a social media video blog. I have learned quite a bit, already. I don’t have the time to sit in front of the camera, during the day, so I have produced the videos in the evening. This may change, if my film career takes off(!) (This is starting to feel like Captain Kirk’s personal log).

The filming works better if I rehearse. However, trying to read a script doesn’t work. In the past, I have used Mind Maps – which have proved to be helpful, so I’ll probably use them again.

My motto is: ’little and often beats big and infrequent.’  I hope to get at least two or three editions ’in the can’ each week, as we say in the movie business.

I have decided to give this project a name: ’The Marketing Compass show’. You are welcome to join the debate here: The Marketing Compass website.

Within this edition, I have spent some time getting to grips with Windows Live Movie Maker. I am not sure if I will have the time to continue using this, in the future. So here is edition 2. This time, I am talking about social media and sharing some feedback from my seminar audiences with you. Listen to my response to this viewpoint:  “Twitter is a waste of time, isn’t it!”

If you have any questions about starting a social media video blog, just ask!

Starting a video blog

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I’m starting a ’marketing science experiment’, using video blogging. Over the next few days / weeks, I’ll be starting a video blog using inexpensive equipment. I will let you know how I get on and what worked / what didn’t work! I’ll be sharing marketing strategy tips, ideas and techniques. Here is the first video (what do you think of the show, so far?):

If you have any questions about starting a video blog, or the benefits of starting a video blog just ask!