Facebook is by far the largest social network. 2.23 billion people log into Facebook every month. To put this in perspective the world’s population is circa 7.5 billion people. Millennials may be leaving, but older people are joining.

facebook logoNigel’s Facebook training includes:

  1. How to set meaningful objectives
  2. Your FB content marketing strategy
  3. Setting up (or reviewing) your FB pages
  4. What to do on a daily basis
  5. How to write effective FB Posts
  6. How to get the writing done quickly
  7. FB videos dos and dont’s
  8. Understanding FB timing
  9. Facebook advertising strategies and ideas
  10. How to start conversations with prospective customers
  11. Promotional and engagement ideas
  12. How to use FB Messenger effectively
  13. The right way to sell your products / services
  14. What to measure within your FB campaigns
    This is live training and we will login to your FB account so that you can see how everything works. Nigel will show you the strategies that he has used to attract thousands of followers and win business via Facebook.

“Nigel has developed a reputation as one of our leading speakers. His sessions are well known to be of the highest standard. Year on year, he gets some of our best scores.” ~ Geoff Reason, The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Thames Valley

“Nigel Temple has made a big difference to our marketing. He combines strategic vision, in-depth knowledge and an eye for detail. We experienced a dramatic increase in response rates – as soon as we implemented his ideas. Highly recommended!”  ~ Jack Black, MindStore

“Thank you for the valuable marketing training session. I was thrilled to participate in a workshop which pushed me to the next level.”
~ Veronica Cooper, coaching4excellence

“Many thanks for your insights and advice.” ~ David Launders, National Map Centre

“A terrific session – as always.” ~ Glenda Bland, Managing Director, Global Meeting Planning

“The trainingi was a great success.” ~ Dave Clarke, CEO, NRG Business Networks