Google Analytics in Pictures front cover Ver1Are you looking for a Google Analytics book which is for non-technical readers? Google Analytics in Pictures is ideal for business owners and marketing professionals in a hurry.

This concise Google Analytics ebook cuts to the chase. It shows you how to quickly find interesting information and insights into your website’s performance.

You may be a service based business owner who wants to understand more about your website and how you can improve it. Or you may be looking for a quick reference guide to the key features of Google Analytics and website stats.

“When you get more than one lightbulb moment you know it’s a great read – and this is. Plain English, bags of really useful tips. Get it – now.” ~ Julian Gordon

NB This guide is not aimed at e-commerce websites. This easy to read guide contains screenshots and the answers to these questions:
– Where in the world do my website visitors come from?
– Where in the internet is my website traffic coming from?
– Which websites are sending me traffic?
– Which of my pages are the most popular?
– Can I see a picture of where people are clicking?
– What should I write / blog about?
– Which of my social media links are the most popular?
– Are visitors returning to my site?

Nigel Temple is a digital marketing consultant, author and speaker. Nigel Temple Amazon author page.