Google logoNigel Temple builds ‘SEO’ websites for clients. The idea is to get them onto the first page of the Google search engine. Here is the story behind this service:


I have had some astonishing SEO results this year.

Which is a good thing, as I never enjoyed cold calling. (Who enjoys continual rejection anyway?)

I much prefer to receive in-bound sales enquiries via telephone, email and contact forms.

These come from people who are in the market to buy.

So the ‘hard sell’ is not required.

This happens every day, via our 8 websites. (I have built and written the new ones myself).

Getting to page 1 on Google can make a huge difference.

I have now found a reliable way of doing it.

For example, if you search in Google for: mailchimp training

…you should find at the top of page 1 (underneath the paid for adverts).

Also, try searching for:  creativity speaker

…you should find on Google page 1.

(Exact page positions are different for different people).

Interestingly, having got to No.1, I am getting 100s of page #1 results for targeted search terms.

As you can imagine, we are busy handling the sales enquiries and sending out invoices.

I love to write. Which is lucky for me, as Google loves to read. (It’s actually the Google ‘spiders’, AKA ‘bots’, that do the reading).

Would you be interested in getting onto page one of Google?

It takes quite a bit of writing and knowledge to achieve first page ranking and I deliver this via my Google Page 1 service.

I know that you are busy – so I can do the setup and writing for you, or show you how it’s done.

A lot of the old stuff doesn’t work, when it comes to SEO. For example, in-bound links are not as important as they used to be.

I know that this is the case, as I am getting onto page 1 for myself and my clients without lots of in-bound links.

“Nigel Temple has proved to be very helpful. He has helped us to get to page one on Google!” Walter Blackburn, Presenting Success

Option 1
I would create an ‘SEO site’ for you. This would act as a satellite to your primary site. An SEO site can be optimised so that it gets to page 1.

Option 2
I would show you how to do it, during a 1-2-1 training session.

The payment process includes a motivational element for the site reaching page 1.

For more information, including pricing, either email Joanna or call us on 01628 773128 or use the contact form:

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