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Just like you, I have many interests. One of them is human longevity. As Woody Allen famously said: “I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying.” I have written a Kindle book on longevity, which is available here: http://goo.gl/WxliSx

Learning about e-publishing is almost as exciting as learning about the possibility of immortality. I have no idea how many people will buy this book, but researching and writing it has been illuminating.

Longevity Shock book cover1Longevity Shock comprises four parts:

Part 1: If you could live forever, what would change?

Part 2: The acceleration of medical breakthroughs

Part 3: Your longevity journey: the long road ahead

Part 4: REDs: Taking care of your body

“Nigel Temple’s Longevity Shock provides a useful and stimulating introduction to this fascinating topic. The book highlights in a convenient, abbreviated form many of the strands of research which are expected to contribute to real increases in life span in the 21st century. And although some of the material is familiar (e.g. information regarding the importance of diet and exercise to a long and healthy life), many of the links introduce less well known information, e.g. the acceleration of medical breakthroughs. For me, the most intriguing section is his discussion of the pros and cons of being a ‘workaholic’, and how we can actually work fewer hours and yet achieve more. The underlying theme of Longevity Shock is the question posed in the opening section: ‘If you knew for certain that you would live forever, or at least for a long, long, time, what would change?’ (Food for thought for all of us as we approach later life). If you are looking for an interesting and lively overview of this topic, then Nigel’s book is an excellent place to start.” ~ Bette Gray-Fow, author

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