Marketing plan 2021

You should start with a marketing plan.

A plan will help you to think everything through.

It will keep you focused on the important issues.

Here is a marketing plan checklist updated on 12th January 2021:

Current position

Where are we now?
Marketing culture? | Product or customer-focused? | Investment in marketing training?

Marketing strategy

Digital first?
Push vs Pull marketing
Knowledge sharing strategy
Key messages

Sales targets

Projected sales turnover
Monthly, quarterly, annual targets

Marketing timeline

How far are we planning ahead?
Timeline of key activities

Marketing budget

Minimal with an emphasis on marketing for free?
Modest promotional budget?
Percentage of projected sales?
(The latter tends to be a substantial figure)


Competitive analysis: who are we up against?
Competitive SWOT analysis
Standing out from the crowd


Positioning strategy
(How is your enterprise positioned in relation to your competitors?)
Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
Pricing strategy


Customer research
Customer segmentation
(Groups of people with shared needs)
Customer service strategy
Customer retention strategy
New markets
CRM software
What is our offer?


What is the big idea behind our brand?
Values (your)
Visual brand identity i.e. logo, colours, font
Strapline (AKA Slogan)
Building your brand

Products / services

(Note how far down the list this appears)
Product / service categories
Individual products / services
New products / services
Features and benefits


Pricing objectives
Pricing strategy
Pricing techniques


e-commerce enabled website?
Payment integrations
Ease of use


Where will we market?
Locally, regionally, nationally, internationally?


CMS (Content Management System): we understand how to use it?
Professional design?
Easy to read webcopy?
Fast loading speed?
Optimised for the search engines?
Up to date list of SEO keyword phrases?
Mobile friendly?
Website statistics


How will we promote our products / services?
For example:
SEO. Here is an SEO Guide.
Email marketing
Social media, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn
(Some platforms are more suitable for consumer marketing, whilst others are better for B2B marketing)
Photography and images: up-to-date, professional, interesting?
(There are 300+ promotional techniques to choose from)


Copywriting strategy?
(Writing is a strategic asset within a digital economy)
Who will be doing the writing?
Do you / your colleagues love to write?
Where will the ideas come from?
Case studies
Copywriting training?


To what extent is our marketing integrated?
(So that there is a consistent look and feel)

External help

For example:
Website development
Graphic design
Marketing consultant


Marketing measurement
Promotional effectiveness
Sales enquiries

Are plans a good idea?

Yes, because the planning process makes you think.

Startups should have a marketing plan.

So should charities, small businesses, professional service firms. government departments and large enterprises.

Creating a marketing plan will help you to succeed, generate more awareness and spend your money wisely.

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