Nigel Temple marketing consultantIf we had a 1-2-1 marketing meeting or call, what would we talk about? Your marketing strategy? Making your website work harder? Creating more awareness? Building your brand? Attracting more customers? Increasing your turnover and profitability?

“I am inundated with business – due to Nigel Temple’s advice. He said that this would happen and he was right. If you are searching for a marketing system that works, talk to Nigel.” ~ Helen Cooke

“I have just won £37,000 of business. You have galvanised me to grow my enterprise through strategic advice, enthusiasm and encouragement.” ~ Karen Kimberley

Would you like to generate better marketing results?
Do you need to grow your business? If that’s a “Yes”, then this discussion will reinvigorate your marketing. There are 300 ways to promote your brand. During our discussion, we’ll focus on your enterprise, your objectives and your future.

I have helped thousands of businesses to improve their marketing performance, over a 30 year career. This is a great opportunity to lift your marketing and your business to the next level. I have limited space in my diary, so a quick response is required!

“The meeting with you has had a truly positive effect, both in myself and the shape of the business. I’m feeling very upbeat and I’m starting to see for the first time how I’m really going to attract clients and make money out of this business. Thank you!” ~ James Savory

We can focus on any marketing issues that are on your mind, for example:

Your marketing strategy
Do you have a clear marketing strategy? Choosing the right issues to focus on can be a complex process. We will focus on the key areas which will move your marketing forward.

Getting customers to come to you
Smart marketers employ ‘attraction techniques’, which act as customer magnets. Once set up, this marketing process will work for years to come.

An effective website
Your website must be easy to find, grab attention and generate a steady flow of sales enquiries.  I will review your website, in detail, when we meet.

Social media
How to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc to your advantage.

A low cost promotional machine
I will recommend a series of low cost promotional techniques which are just right for you and you will walk away with a clear marketing action plan.

Find out more
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It would be great to talk to you and discuss clear, detailed, marketing advice and ideas for your business.

All the best


PS You will walk away from the session with a clear set of marketing action points.