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Marketing is all about customers

Every business needs to attract and keep them. The challenge is that the rules have changed. The old ‘push’ model doesn’t work any longer. Customers don’t liked to be pushed (do you?) Scroll down to see a solution to this problem….

Marketing advice

Step 1 Marketing strategy

*  Here is 17 point marketing strategy checklist.

*  Have a concise, written marketing plan and review it once a month.

*  Consider the art of brand positioning. Are you standing out from the crowd?

*  Build a brand, not just a business (there are multiple benefits if you do this). To do this, have a clear brand strategy.

*  Your brand should be based on your values – for example, it is important to have integrity in marketing, isn’t it?

*  Make your pricing part of your marketing strategy.

*  Remember that marketing is all about customers.  Are you making them feel good about you?

*  Stay focused on your objectives, no matter what happens

Step 2 Your website

*  Your website is your marketing hub and your website homepage first impressions matter.

*  To what extent are you using your Content Management System’s  functionality? An example of a CMS is WordPress. Here are some of the benefits of using WordPress.

*  Spend more time working on your website and in particular, its content.

*  Does Google love your website?

*  Is your website generating new business?

Step 3 Your promotional mix

*  Have enough people heard of you?

*  How many of these 36 promotional mix categories are you using?

*  How much time do you spend on marketing each day, week, month?

*  Are you getting your fair share of referrals?

*  Are you generating enough sales enquiries?

*  Which social media platforms are you using?

*  Are you following me here:

*  …and here:

*  Are you writing compelling marketing words?

*  Are you using proven marketing processes?

*  Is your marketing working like a well oiled machine?

*  With regards to your promotional activities, are they:
a)  Primarily time based i.e. your time?
b)  Based on a modest budget + your time?
c)  Primarily budget based i.e. using agencies / marketing staff?

Step 4 Sales / Conversion

*  Are you using a defined sales process?

*  If you have sales staff, are they trained, proactive and motivated?

*  Are they building long term business relationships?

*  Do you have sufficient sales lead to keep them busy?

*  Can you predict future sales revenue reliably?

Step 5 Measurement

*  “What gets measured, gets done” ~ Peter Drucker

*  Look at your websites stats, i.e. Google Analytics, at least once a month.

*  Count the number of sales leads that you receive and find out where they come from.

My best marketing advice tip is to keep learning on a continual basis. You can do so here: The Marketing Compass

If you are looking for marketing advice, look for a consultant with a proven track record. They should be prepared to spend some time listening to you and your unique situation and requirements.

You should expect to receive specific ideas and action points that are relevant to your enterprise and resources.

Nigel Temple is an independent marketing consultant. He has helped over 3,000 enterprises of all shapes and sizes to improve their results.

You can book Nigel for a one-off Marketing consultancy meeting to review / improve your marketing results or work with him for over the longer term. You can email him via or call him on: 01628 773128

Internet marketing strategy

The Mind Map shows the key elements of internet marketing strategy (click to expand). Scroll down to discover what the map means and to read a checklist…

I often use Mind Maps when I am delivering internet marketing talks / presentations. I find that they help the audience to see the ‘big picture’. This Mind Map is all about internet marketing strategy and the branches refer to the following key points:

Internet marketing objectives

What is the primary objective of your internet marketing (i.e. website, SEO, newsletter, videos, social media)? To create awareness? To build relationships? To generate sales and revenue? I have asked thousands of seminar delegates this question. Interestingly, they are often hesitant in answering. How about you: do you know what the primary mission of your website is? If you are unsure, could this explain why you are not getting the results you are after?

Internet marketing skills

Are you technical by nature? Do you love to write? Are you a marketing professional? Successful websites are driven by strategic marketing thinking; they contain well written, compelling copy (website words); and they work seamlessly (i.e. the technology works so well that you don’t really notice it, in the same way that you don’t notice a car engine – until it starts playing up).

Online attraction processes

Are your website, newsletter and social media interactions engaging your customers, or failing to get their attention and interest? Are you educating them, when they are hungry for knowledge?

Content Management Systems

Which CMS do you use? Have you received any training, with regards to its features and functionality?

Social media campaigns

‘Social’ and ‘Search’ are merging. Now is the time to build your social media network. Don’t just be a ‘broadcaster’ (which is boring): be a conversationalist – you will be surprised by the difference.

Content production

As the old saying goes, ‘content is king’. My clients (and members of The Marketing Compass) tell me that the more they write, the more they sell. In addition to the written word, use videos and images (do you like the Mind Map? Mind Mapping was invented by Tony Buzan – Hello Tony!)

How to you spend your internet marketing time and resources?

Yes, I know that you are busy. Yes, I know that you already have a great deal to do. However, let’s face it, the future is digital. Spend some of your time learning about the new technologies. Spend some time writing and creating interesting content. Delegate the stuff that you don’t love to do to somebody else.

Internet marketing metrics and results

‘What gets measured, gets done’. This certainly applies to internet marketing. Are all your efforts actually generating money in the bank? It’s no use having lots of traffic, hits, followers, likes etc if you are not making money.

Accept that change is not going to go away (in fact, change will continue to accelerate). This a fantastic time to be alive, if you love to learn. I wish you well with your internet marketing journey.

Nigel Temple is an internet marketing consultant, author, speaker and trainer. He shows business owners, professionals and teams how to get better results from 21st century marketing – including online brand awareness, improved search engine rankings, social media effectiveness, website traffic and sales enquiries / sales. He is often asked to deliver his website review service – for business owners, boards of directors and teams.

Nigel has taught internet marketing since 2000. He served as a Faculty Member and Course Director at CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing) for 12 years. He led over 500 Business Link workshops, focusing on website effectiveness, SEO and social media. Today, he delivers internet marketing events for The Marketing Compass which provides impartial marketing advice for business owners.

To find out more about Nigel’s services email or call Joanna on +44 (0)1628 773128.

He welcomes media enquiries about marketing, social media and digital marketing. He has appeared within the national press and broadcast media.

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About Nigel Temple, Marketing Consultant

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Marketing consultant, trainer and speaker

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Nigel served as a Faculty Member and Course Director with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the world’s largest professional marketing body, for 12 years.

He holds an honours degree in marketing, from Greenwich University. He was originally trained to sell by Rank Xerox. Nigel is a trainer in Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping and Learning-to-Learn systems.

Here is a glossary of marketing terms.

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