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Nigel TempleHello, my name is Nigel Temple. I am a marketing / internet marketing consultant, coach, trainer, speaker and author. I have helped thousands of businesses, of all sizes, to improve their sales and marketing results. If you are looking for impartial marketing advice, you’re welcome to talk to me. I have probably had direct experience of your type of business. I offer a wide range of marketing services all of which focus on business growth. If you would like to contact me, call +44 (0)1628 773128, email me or join The Marketing Compass

My services include marketing consultancy, training, coaching and public speaking. I consult, train and give talks on marketing strategy and plans; copywritingwebsite strategy and reviews; SEO; social media including LinkedIn and Twitter; and MailChimp email marketing training.

Here is brand strategy Mind Map. You should ‘think brand’! Click on the image to read all about it…

Branding Mind Map by Nigel Temple

“I am inundated with business – due to Nigel Temple’s advice. He said that this would happen and he was right. If you are searching for a marketing system that works, talk to Nigel.” Helen Cooke, My Plus Consulting

Here is an internet marketing strategy Mind Map. This is a strategic part of your business as we now live in a digital economy. Click on the image to read all about it…

Internet Marketing Strategy

Marketing is all about customers. Every business needs to attract and keep them. The challenge is that the rules have changed. The old ‘push’ model of marketing doesn’t work any longer. Consumers and business buyers don’t liked to be pushed (do you?) The internet has disrupted entire industries, as you may know, to your cost. Throwing money at the problem doesn’t work either (how much have you wasted in the last year?)

It’s time to rethink your whole approach to marketing. Here are some questions for you, to get you started:

marketing tag cloud* Do you have a clear marketing strategy?
* Do you have a written marketing plan?

* Do you have sales and marketing targets?
* Have you segmented your markets?
* Have you considered your market positioning?
* Are you standing out from the crowd?
* Have you ever asked yourself: what is branding and how do I apply it?
* Are you happy with your pricing?
* What do you offer for free?
* How wide is your promotional mix?
* Are you getting your fair share of referrals?
* Is your website generating new business?
* Are you using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?
* Are you following me on Twitter:
* Which other social media platforms are you using?
* Is your marketing working like a well oiled machine?
* Are you writing compelling marketing words?
* Are you using proven marketing processes?
* Are you measuring your marketing results?

Would you like to overhaul your marketing? If that’s a “Yes”, by all means contact me. I would be delighted to talk to you. Tel: 01628 773128 or email me by clicking here.

I wish you all the best with your marketing!

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