ChatGPT training for marketers

Are you looking for ‘live’ ChatGPT training for your marketing team? You may have wondered how this AI platform can help your marketing team? What are the pros and cons? What are the risks?

Marketing consultant, copywriter, trainer and ChatGPT specialist Nigel Temple will show you how ChatGPT can boost your marketing results. Using marketing examples, he will show you how the AI can make you more productive, creative and successful.

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In-house ChatGPT training for your marketing team

This in-company training workshop is tailored to your team’s specific needs. It can be delivered on-site or online via Zoom.

Who is this training for?

Marketing directors and managers. Marketing teams. Companies, brands, charities and marketing agencies.

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Standard agenda (can be tailored)

How to improve your marketing strategy using ChatGPT
Discover how you can turbocharge your marketing thinking and strategy, including innovative ways to engage your audience.

How to to use ChatGPT to find new customers
Explore strategies to use ChatGPT for finding new customers / clients.

How to improve customer service and retention
We will discuss how ChatGPT can enhance your customer service and retention strategies, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Using AI to create new marketing ideas, products and services
Leverage AI to generate fresh marketing ideas, develop innovative products and create cutting-edge services.

Writing for website pages, SEO, blogs, social media, emails etc
Gain expertise in using ChatGPT for writing website pages and blogs that are optimised for SEO, social media posts, email campaigns and more.

How to use the AI to make your team more productive
Discover how ChatGPT can enhance team productivity, streamlining tasks and freeing up valuable time for strategic thinking.

Interactive Q&A
Get answers to your questions, ensuring you leave the training with a clear understanding of how to apply ChatGPT in your marketing initiatives.

There are live demonstrations using ChatGPT throughout the workshop.

Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple, ChatGPT specialist

Nigel is a marketing consultant, copywriter, trainer and ChatGPT specialist. He has written more than three million words of sales and marketing copy. Nigel served as a Faculty Member and Course Director at CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing) for 12 years. He has trained thousands of marketers. Nigel has advised over 3,000 clients and trained over 10,000 marketers. He was an early adopter of AI within marketing and he uses ChatGPT in his business every working day.

Nigel combines his knowledge of marketing strategy and plans, copywriting, creative thinking and ChatGPT during this workshop or presentation.

Detailed PDF guide

A detailed PDF guide is included. It is packed with helpful tips and ideas. A month of post-course support is also provided.

In-person or virtual training

The ChatGPT training for marketers workshop or presentation can be delivered via Zoom or in-person.

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