ChatGPT training for marketers

Are you looking for ChatGPT training for marketers? You may have wondered how this AI platform can help your marketing team? What are the pros and cons? Are there any risks?

During this in-house workshop or presentation, Nigel Temple will show you what ChatGPT is capable of. He will demonstrate a series of practical examples, showing how the AI can make you more productive.

The session includes:
> An overview of ChatGPT and what it can do
> How to ask questions in the right way
> What to watch out for within the answers
> How to use ChatGPT in your marketing

Please let Nigel know which promotional techniques you are using, so that he can tailor the workshop. For example: SEO, blogs, social media and email marketing.

Nigel combines his knowledge of marketing strategy, copywriting and creative thinking during this event.

Nigel was an early adopter of ChatGPT and he uses it in his marketing every working day.

The ChatGPT training for marketers workshop or presentation can be delivered via Zoom or in-person.

To find out more either call 01628 773128 or fill in the contact form below (please mention ‘ChatGPT training’):

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