Marketing consultancy services

Marketing consultant Nigel Temple has provided marketing consultancy services and advice for more than three decades. He has helped over 3000 start-ups, independent professionals, SMEs, mid-sized firms and multinational companies to improve their marketing results. Nigel is available for hire for one-off marketing strategy sessions and for longer periods, in a ‘Director of marketing’ capacity. He is Marketing Strategy Consultant and Digital Marketing Consultant.

Ask Nigel Temple to orchestrate your marketing
Imagine having an experienced Director of Marketing, without having to employ them. Imagine working with a marketing professional, in order to shape and implement your new marketing strategy. Naturally, you would expect them to have the right answers – based on proven experience. You would expect rapid responses to your marketing questions.

Nigel Temple - Director of Marketing service
You would want your marketing strategist to help you to build a new marketing plan. They would understand the big picture as well as the details, including the fast changing world of digital marketing.

In addition, they would be able to give you specific advice regarding the relevant items within this list:

Branding and positioning
Marketing principles
How to create more awareness
ChatGPT and AI for marketing
Choosing and using promotional techniques
Website strategy and a detailed website review
How to get more website traffic / visitors
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Permission based email marketing
Social media (Which platforms are right for you? How does it work?)
Direct response marketing
Media Relations
How to write compelling marketing words
How to generate more response
How to build a sales pipeline
How to create a river of enquiries
Creating a Customer Attraction System
Which critical marketing issues to focus on

Your written marketing plan would form the foundation of your marketing thinking. You would be able to access your plan from a web browser, so it would always be within reach. Nigel would review your marketing strategy, direction and budget and all of the key points would be recorded within the plan.

Nigel Temple served as a Faculty Member with CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) for 12 years, ran a marketing services agency for nine years and is the founder of The Marketing Compass – which provides impartial marketing advice to thousands of members.

He is often asked to become a Director of Marketing for a limited period. Within a short time, his clients’ marketing is running like a well oiled machine. The focus is on building proven systems – which keep on working.

“Our marketing budget is modest, but it is bringing in big results! We see Nigel as a marketing guru – we can’t speak highly enough of his abilities. He’s helped us to ‘think outside the box’, and has freshened up our whole approach to marketing. Previously, we could go months without a new lead. Now it’s exciting because we know that a prospective client could call at any time!” Reuben Heppelthwaite, Not Just Cleaning

Nigel works with clients throughout the UK and as well internationally.

Do you want your business to grow faster? Does Nigel’s Director of Marketing service interest you? If that’s a Yes”, why not email Nigel and ask about this programme or call him on 01628 773128 for an informal discussion.