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Are you looking for LinkedIn training? Nigel Temple joined LinkedIn in 2003, the year that it was launched. He has shown business owners, consultants, executives, directors, marketers and sales professionals how to get the best out of LinkedIn.


Nigel Temple LinkedIn trainer

► How to update your profile & make it more effective
► How to build your LinkedIn network in the best way
► How to get conversations with new customers
► How to stand out from the crowd in LinkedIn
► Creating trust and confidence in the buyer
► Keeping your name in front of your target market
► Generating more sales, turnover and profitability
…all by using the hidden power of LinkedIn.

You can ask questions and gain practical guidance, during this in-house LinkedIn training workshop. You will receive a detailed PDF training manual which is packed with useful tips.

Why Nigel Temple?

Nigel has a LinkedIn network of more than 25 million people throughout the world. He was trained to sell by Rank Xerox. Subsequently, he was a coach on the Solution Selling sales training programme. Nigel was a Faculty Member with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) for 12 years.

He is a professional copywriter, which is central to his success within LinkedIn.


“Thank you for the LinkedIn training session, it was very insightful.” ~ Sales Manager, Californian based AI company

“Nigel provided excellent LinkedIn training to Williams Woodward and I would recommend him very highly. He has also given us valuable input into our Social Media and Marketing strategy. If you are looking for an experienced marketing guru, Nigel is the man.” ~ Kristina Russell, Williams Woodward

“Nigel has developed a reputation as one of our leading speakers. His sessions are well known to be of the highest standard. Year on year, he gets some of our best scores.” ~ Geoff Reason, The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Thames Valley

“Nigel is one of the most entertaining and erudite sales and marketing trainers you will find. I would highly recommend him highky. He has a seemingly unlimited depth of knowledge. I guarantee you will learn at least three really powerful tips you didn’t know.” ~ Tom Evans, Shere Solutions

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