Marketing strategy

* Are you using a push or pull marketing strategy?

*  Here is 17 point marketing strategy checklist

*  Does your enterprise stand out from the crowd? Read this article about differentiation

*  Begin with a concise marketing plan which should focus on customers and how you serve them

* Build a brand not just a business and have a clear brand strategy

* Set sales and marketing targets


* Learn to love your customers

* Understand the customer journey

* It is important to test different marketing options

Digital marketing

* We live in a digital world now. Are you embracing it?

* Decide whether you wish to go for a digital marketing first strategy

*  Here is a detailed Digital Marketing checklist

* Here is a list of Digital marketing tools


*  Your website is your marketing hub and your website homepage first impressions matter

* If reduce your website bounce rate, your website will achieve better results


* SEO is important as it brings customers to you who are interested in your products / services.

* What is an Title Tag?

* Here is an SEO Guide and here are some SEO tips

* Read about SEO keywords here

Promotional mix

*  There are 37 promotional mix categories and at least 300 different promotional techniques

*  How many of them are you using? Small enterprises typically use between 4 and 6 techniques

*  If you start to use new forms of promotion, your results will improve.

* Send out an email newsletter every month, for example using Mailchimp


* Here are some copywriting tips

* Use the word ‘you’ more frequently within your copy

* Use the AIDCA copywriting model

* If you are stuck for content ideas, here is a What to write about checklist

* Continually strive to simplify your message

Personal development

* If you are a marketer, you must keep learning

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