Capsule CRM training

Marketing Software Map by Nigel TempleCapsule CRM training for individuals and teams, beginners to advanced with a Capsule / MailChimp trainer.

Professional training can make all the difference to your results, when it comes to using a CRM and getting the best out of it.

Here is a typical agenda, using your Capsule CRM account and data:

*  An overview of Capsule and what it can do
*  Setting everything up correctly
*  Tailoring Capsule for your enterprise
*  How to lookup specific groups of contacts
*  How to integrate Capsule and MailChimp
*  How to send MailChimp campaigns
*  Getting the best out of software integrations
*  How to build and manage your sales pipeline
*  Developing a personal action plan

The training can be delivered on a 1-2-1 basis, for small or large groups, or as a talk. In additon, Skype training sessions can be scheduled (screen sharing!)

In-company Capsule CRM training can be delivered at a venue of your choice or in-house at your offices. The training includes live demonstrations and step-by-step ‘how to’ guidance.

Capsule is a cloud based system and you can login to it via a website browser or via their App (which is very useful).

If you are new to Capsule, I can help you to set everything up properly.

For over 5 years, I have been a MailChimp trainer. I am often asked about CRM solutions that work with MailChimp. There are a number of options, however, I have found that Capsule is the easiest to use and we use it everyday in our office,

“Nigel Temple has an inexhaustible supply of professional marketing advice and ideas. He knows how to attract customers, based on a proven set of marketing strategies and techniques. We are delighted with the way that our marketing has improved, since we started working with Nigel.” ~ Janet Dexter, EcoWater

“Nigel Temple has made a big difference to our marketing. He combines strategic vision, in-depth knowledge and an eye for detail. We experienced a dramatic increase in response rates – as soon as we implemented his ideas. Highly recommended!” ~ Jack Black, MindStore

“I am inundated with business – due to Nigel Temple’s advice. He said that this would happen and he was right. If you are searching for a marketing system that works, talk to Nigel.” ~ Helen Cooke, My Plus Consulting

“I first met Nigel when he was presenting a marketing seminar and I have subsequently attended several seminars he has given, as well as joining The Marketing Compass. His knowledge, experience, expertise and presenting style put him in a class of his own. Along with many others, I have learnt a great deal and I continue to learn from him.” ~ David Strelitz, David Strelitz Video Productions

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