ChatGPT speaker for an event

Are you looking for a ChatGPT speaker for your event or conference? Nigel Temple is an experienced public speaker, trainer and ChatGPT specialist. A live demonstration of ChatGPT is included.

Why book a ChatGPT speaker?

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic and AI stories are appearing in the media every day. ChatGPT from OpenAI is a leading platform with many capabilities. They include idea generation, writing draft text, creating images, communicating with customers, analysing data and customer acquisition.

ChatGPT talk, keynote presentation or training workshop

Either choose from these titles:
* Your AI assistant: What is ChatGPT and how can it help you?
* How to use ChatGPT to make you more productive
* How to deploy generative AI in your enterprise
* How to use ChatGPT to turbocharge written communication
* ChatGPT for sales professionals: win more business!
* ChatGPT for marketers: how to attract and keep more customers

Or talk to us about your specific requirements, if you require a tailored presentation.

Discover the possibilities of the free and paid for versions of ChatGPT by booking Nigel Temple for your next event. Participants will learn a great deal and they will experience first-hand the transformative power of ChatGPT.

Nigel Temple - marketing strategy, ChatGPT and AI trainer

About Nigel Temple

Nigel started using ChatGPT shortly after it was launched on November 30th 2022. Nigel was a Faculty Member with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) for 12 years. He has presented thousands of workshops and keynote speeches. Nigel is a knowledgeable, inspiring and engaging presenter who brings the potential of ChatGPT to life.


“Nigel has developed a reputation as one of our leading speakers. His sessions are well known to be of the highest standard. Year on year, he gets some of our best scores.” Geoff Reason, The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Thames Valley

“The ChatGPT presentation that Nigel delivered was both insightful and enjoyable. I now feel a lot more confident using ChatGPT and would recommend this training to any new AI users.” ~ Christian Crowther-Smith, Creative Director, E.ON Next

“I found the training to be very informative and I enjoyed the relaxed style, which made it easy to ask questions. I am more informed and excited about discovering more about ChatGPT.” ~ Sallie Leslie-Golding, Pool Industry Promotions

“Thank you for the great ChatGPT session. It was really enjoyable and I’m left with lots of ideas.” ~ Tiffany L Lee, Vestergaard Sàrl

“Thanks for the ChatGPT training session. I found the demo to be very helpful and it has encouraged me to start using ChatGPT on a regular basis.” ~ Walter Blackburn, Founder, Presenting Success Ltd

“Brilliant, an informative and insightful ChatGPT presentation by Nigel Temple. The talk I attended covered insights and practical applications, benefits and tips on how to effectively utilise ChatGPT in the context of marketing and business operations.” ~ David Willis, bushcraft teacher and wilderness living skills

“An excellent ChatGPT presentation.” ~ Phil Whitting, FalTech GPS

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