ChatGPT workshop for marketers and business owners

During this in-house ChatGPT for marketing workshop, you’ll discover how ChatGPT can turbocharge your results. The session is packed with tips, ideas and practical advice.

Nigel Temple will show you how to become more productive, creative and successful.

A detailed PDF guide is included. It is packed with helpful tips and ideas. A month of post-course support is provided, via our interactive website.


* Live demonstration of ChatGPT for marketing
* 14 ways in which ChatGPT can help busy marketers
* How to ask marketing questions and get better answers
* Writing website pages, SEO, blogs, social media, etc
* Dos and don’ts of AI copywriting
* Data security and privacy
* Is it worth paying for ChatGPT Plus?

Get answers to your questions, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of ChatGPT.


“The ChatGPT training that Nigel delivered was both insightful and enjoyable. The agenda was clear and he welcomed questions throughout. I now feel a lot more confident using ChatGPT and would recommend this training to any new AI users.” ~ Christian Crowther-Smith, Creative Director, E.ON Next

“Thank you for the ChatGPT workshop. It is such a powerful and versatile tool. I would not have known just how versatile it is without the workshop. So, a big thank you.” ~ David Eaton MBE BSc BA FCA

“Thank you for the great ChatGPT session. It was really enjoyable and I’m left with lots of ideas.” ~ Tiffany L Lee, Vestergaard Sàrl

“Thanks for the ChatGPT training session. I found the demo to be very helpful and it has encouraged me to start using ChatGPT on a regular basis.” ~ Walter Blackburn, Founder, Presenting Success Ltd

“I found the training to be very informative and I enjoyed the relaxed style, which made it easy to ask questions. I am more informed and excited about discovering more about ChatGPT.” ~ Sallie Leslie-Golding, Pool Industry Promotions

“Following the ChatGPT training session with Nigel, I have completed in a morning, what would otherwise have taken several painful weeks to complete. Being able to quickly test ideas and phrasing is amazing.” ~ Ken Tombs, Business Compass

“Brilliant, an informative and insightful workshop by Nigel Temple, focused on ChatGPT for marketers. His workshop provides insights to leverage ChatGPT for marketing and business strategies. The content covers practical applications, benefits and tips on how to effectively utilise ChatGPT in the context of marketing and business operations.” ~ David Willis, bushcraft teacher and wilderness living skills

“Many thanks for a really comprehensive training session on ChatGPT. Nigel provided a clear and logical insight which has inspired me and given me the confidence to engage in the technology and explore how I can use it for my business.” ~ Kate King, Skylark Consulting

“An excellent ChatGPT workshop.” ~ Phil Whitting, FalTech GPS

Training just for your company: ChatGPT for Marketing

You can schedule a 2 hour company specific session. Up to 6 attendees from the same organisation can attend. Presented by Nigel Temple via Zoom. £500 plus VAT.

Looking for in-person training at your offices or something more bespoke? ChatGPT training for your marketing team click here.

Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple, ChatGPT specialist

Nigel is a marketing consultant, copywriter, trainer and ChatGPT specialist. He has written more than three million words of sales and marketing copy. Nigel served as a Faculty Member and Course Director at CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing) for 12 years. Nigel has advised 3,000+ clients and he has trained over 10,000 marketing professionals and business owners. He was an early adopter of AI within marketing and he uses ChatGPT in his business every working day.

Nigel combines his knowledge of marketing strategy and plans, copywriting, creative thinking and ChatGPT during this workshop.

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