How to Get Clients to Come to You – Nigel Temple

How to Get Clients to Come to you by Nigel Temple
How to Get Clients to Come to you by Nigel Temple

How to Get Clients to Come to You describes a seven-stage system for attracting & keeping clients. Written for small businesses, it focuses on practical and proven low-cost marketing techniques. The book is packed with useful tips and ‘how-to’ information. It is written in a relaxed and entertaining style and for busy people!

“This book highlights simple yet effective principles for business success,” says Paul Gostick, Chairman of The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). John Wright, National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) writes, “Making sure that your potential clients know what you can deliver for them is a vital skill… Nigel Temple sets out how to do that in admirable detail and in a way that can be instantly implemented.”

The Guardian recommended the book and said that it contained nuggets of useful information.

Thames Valley News said: “An easy-to-read guide showing how to make your business highly profitable.”  CA Magazine said: “Lots of good advice. A quick, practical read.”  It has featured as a Book of the Month on The Business Channel, which is broadcast via Sky.

Signed copies are available for £9.99 including postage and packing.

Book review by Imogen Lock, Director, Sheeran Lock
“This is a gem of a book, packed full of practical, tried and tested techniques. It’s written in clear, concise English and is refreshingly jargon free. Each chapter describes one of the seven stages on the journey to attract and retain clients. There is an executive summary at the beginning and a marketing checklist and glossary of terms at the back, as well as other useful appendices.

“Each stage is presented in short, snappy paragraphs with diagrams and break-out boxes to illustrate or reinforce points made. Chapter summaries provide a useful reminder of key elements and, collectively, a solid structure for a marketing plan. Headings, illustrations and break-outs make effective use of a single colour which draws the eye, whilst wide margins and generously spaced text make it very user-friendly.

How to Get Clients to Come to You is written with passion for sales and marketing and is a compelling, up-beat and well-paced read. Don’t be fooled by its pocket size, it is crammed with information making it both an excellent reference and an invaluable stimulus for successful marketing.”