LinkedIn training course

Are you looking for a LinkedIn training course for yourself or your company?

I am an experienced trainer with a network of over 25 million people within LinkedIn.

I can show you how to:

* Grow your network
* Generate more awareness
* Create conversations with decision makers


*  How to position yourself within LinkedIn
*  Setting up / reviewing your LinkedIn profile(s)
*  How to build your network and connect with customers
*  What you should be doing every day in LinkedIn
*  A proven system for making LinkedIn work for your business
*  How to attract the right type of customers for your business
*  How to drive more traffic to your website
*  How to generate sales enquiries via LinkedIn
*  How to use LinkedIn to generate sales meetings
*  Little known LinkedIn tips and tricks
*  Measuring your results

The LinkedIn training course includes live demonstrations and step-by-step ‘how to’ guidance.

A training guide is included, as well as post-course support.

Nigel Temple - marketing strategy, ChatGPT and AI trainer

“Nigel provided an excellent LinkedIn training course for Williams Woodward and I would recommend him very highly. He has also given us valuable input into our Social Media and Marketing strategy. If you are looking for an experienced marketing guru, Nigel is the man.” Kristina Russell, Williams Woodward\

“Nigel Temple is one of the best trainers you will find. I highly recommend him. He has a seemingly unlimited depth of knowledge.” Tom Evans, Shere Solutions

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