Marketing Action Plan

Marketing is a big subject, isn’t it?

A central part of my work with clients is to create a marketing map.

The seven stages in the MAP process form the acronym ‘VALIANT’.

Stage 1. Vision
MAP begins by clarifying your vision for your business. Successful business owners have a clear picture of where they are heading. They know what they want to achieve and how their enterprise will look in the future. Their business vision helps to orientate them and keep them on course, no matter what occurs during the journey.

Stage 2. Analysis The next step is to create a concise plan. This will help you to think everything through and to decide where you will allocate time and resources. Your plan will include a marketing actions list.

Stage 3. Laws of attraction
Why is it that certain businesses attract so many customers? During this stage, we will discuss the laws and processes of customer attraction, so that they can be built into your marketing system.

Stage 4. Internet marketing
Increasingly, marketing communication is becoming digital. Nigel will review your website and internet marketing processes in detail. He will provide you with specific ideas / feedback to make it more effective.

Stage 5. Awareness
There are 300+ ways of promoting your products / services. Nigel will discuss the most effective promotional techniques for your business.

Stage 6. Narrative
Your marketing narrative is the story you tell, about your business. Nigel will show you how to write compelling copy, which keeps the readers’ attention.

Stage 7. Take action
Regular marketing activity is one of the best investments you can make in your enterprise. We will build routines and processes into your business, so that it becomes a customer attraction machine.