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Nigel Temple

Are you looking for a small business marketing consultant? Would you like to talk to an experienced marketing consultant who understands the challenges of small business marketing?

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Nigel Temple has worked with over 3,000 enterprises over a 30 year period. He can help you to achieve:

* Greater awareness
* More website traffic
* More sales enquiries
* More sales

You may be looking for a small business marketing consultant to help you to take your business to the next level.

Or you may feel that your marketing is not achieving the results that you deserve.

Nigel can help with marketing growth strategy and planning, digital marketing performance, brand awareness and reducing the cost of customer acquisition.

Nigel Temple

Nigel served as a Faculty Member with CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing), Europe’s largest professional marketing body, for 12 years. He has an honours degree in marketing.

He was trained to sell by Rank Xerox and he was a professional copywriter for three years. He subsequently ran a marketing services agency for nine years.

Nigel was a Business Link workshop presenter for many years. He trained and consulted with small business owners from London, Berkshire, Kent, Essex, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Norfolk and many other counties.

Call:  01628 773128


Why use a small business marketing consultant?

*  You feel that you need to know more about marketing
* You’re launching a new business and could use some help
*  You would like to get the strategy right this time around
*  You’re not sure which marketing agencies or resources to use
*  You would like some impartial, independent advice
*  You are not sure how to allocate your budget
* You are receiving insufficient sales enquiries
*  Your marketing is not working; why is this the case?

What does a small business marketing consultant do?

*  Provides impartial feedback and advice on your marketing strategy
*  Shows you how to improve brand awareness and customer acquisition
*  Reviews your current marketing strategy and plans
* Helps you to create a new marketing plan (potentially to show investors)
*  Provides impartial feedback on your website and other forms of promotion
*  Helps to improve the performance of your marketing mix
*  Helps you to step back and see the big picture

Nigel’s Small Business Marketing Consultant services include Website, SEO, Social media, Copywriting and Email marketing consultancy and training.

Small business marketing strategy

*  Marketing plan including objectives, target markets, promotional mix, budget and metrics. A strategic marketing plan includes an integrated approach to brand awareness, customer acquisition and retention. It sees things from the customer’s perspective, as marketing always has done. The perspective, however, has changed with the new ways in which customers research products and services and make buying decisions. It takes into account online brand reputation and many other factors.
*  Marketing strategy review and feedback: what are you currently doing, online? What is working? What isn’t working? How can it be improved?
*  How to make your enterprise stand out from the crowd
*  The cost of customer acquisition and how to reduce this
*  How to get customers to come to you via the internet
*  Your organisation’s marketing mindset
*  How all members of staff can help with your marketing
*  Cloud-based marketing apps and services – how to transform your marketing
*  The most important things to measure in marketing


“Nigel Temple has made a big difference to our marketing. He combines strategic vision, in-depth knowledge and an eye for detail. We experienced a dramatic increase in response rates – as soon as we implemented his ideas. Highly recommended!”  ~ Jack Black, MindStore

“Our marketing budget is modest, but it is bringing in big results! We see Nigel as a marketing guru – we can’t speak highly enough of his abilities. He’s helped us to ‘think outside the box’, and has freshened up our whole approach to marketing. Previously, we could go months without a new lead. Now it’s exciting because we know that a prospective client could call at any time!” ~ Reuben Heppelthwaite, NJC

“Tackling digital marketing and cloud technology is akin to studying for a degree course. I would advise any business to choose a consultant and Nigel Temple is an excellent choice.” ~ William Nicholls,

“I had the privilege of working with Nigel and thoroughly recommend him and his work; you will learn from him, I did!” ~ Malcolm Watson, Coming Alive

“Thank you for your ideas and support. It has been very informative and I’ve certainly learned a great deal about digital marketing. It was a real pleasure working with you.” ~ Nick Zenonos

“I am grateful for Nigel Temple’s marketing guidance. I think highly of his expertise and professionalism.” ~  David Eaton MBE BSc BA FCA

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