Running a new business?

Startup marketing advice

1. Marketing plan

If your startup has a written marketing plan, you will have thought through the key issues.

2. Website

Plan 1st, Website 2nd. A website has to do many things for a startup, doesn't it?

3. Promotion

There are 300 promotional techniques to choose from. Which ones are right for you?

4. Conversion / Sales

Are your conversion rates / sales figures high enough?

Startups are different

Everything is happening all at once

Everyone wants to give you advice

It is all too easy to take the wrong road

Startup marketing checklist

  • Selecting the customers that you will serve
  • Deciding the mix of products / services
  • Considering your pricing strategy
  • Thinking about where you will market
  • Choosing a brand name for your new enterprise
  • Choosing a website domain name
  • Selecting your promotional mix