If you could do with some more customers, this may help

For a long time now, have I received a sales lead every business day, on average. It’s taken me five years to figure out how to achieve this.

The sales enquiries arrive by email and by phone. Each one is from someone who is ready to buy.  They come from people who have a genuine interest in something specific that I have to offer. They are going to spend their money with someone and it might as well be me.

I have decided to share the secret of how I have created my ‘sales lead generation machine’. Or to put it another way, my ‘Marketing Robot’.

The robot comprises a series of parts, just like other robots. Over the years, whilst I was locked up in my laboratory, I experimented with many different components. I have tried fitting them together in all sorts of different ways. Finally, I made a working Marketing Robot which brings customers to me.

My robot does not like spam or anything else which is dodgy. It does not churn out unsolicited emails. The robot is moral, legal and GDPR compliant.

What is more, he doesn’t use old fashioned, aggressive push techniques. In fact, customers come to him and he passes them onto me. The customers are in the market to buy. What a helpful robot he has proved to be.

What is a Marketing Robot?

In case you are wondering, the robot is built out of software. You may be glad to hear that no coding is required to build one. The purpose of the robot is to bring more business to your door. Once you have constructed it, the robot can run forever (no holidays required!)

Here are three options for you:

1. How to build your Marketing Robot workshop

I will reveal the steps to build your own robot, using freely available software. I will show you how everything fits together. Be prepared for some surprises, including the fact that most of the building blocks are free, whilst the remainder are as cheap as chips.

During this one day event, you will discover:
*  How to turn your marketing into a machine
*  How to get customers to come to you
*  How to make the customer want to contact you
*  A no-pressure, relaxed way of closing more business
*  How to get customers to keep returning
*  And much more…

You can ask questions for the month following the event via our interactive website.

Fee:  £297 +VAT.  To register, either email joanna@nigeltemple.com or call Joanna on 01628 773128.

2. Marketing Robot consultative training session

Can’t wait for the workshop? Prefer an in-house / 1-2-1 workshop? Nigel offers step by step advice tailored to your business, via a Marketing Robot consultative training session. £997 +VAT including 2 tickets for the workshop. We will schedule your session ASAP.

3. We build your robot for you

The package includes 2 tickets for the workshop. Contact joanna@nigeltemple.com for more information.

What people are saying about Nigel Temple

“Along with many others, I have learnt a great deal from Nigel.” David Strelitz, DSVP

“One of the best seminars I have ever attended.” Stephen Hill, Consulting Alternatives

“Nigel is one of the most entertaining and erudite marketing speakers you will find. I would highly recommend you get to hear him speak. He has a seemingly unlimited depth of knowledge. I guarantee you will learn at least three really powerful tips you didn’t know.” Tom Evans, Shere Solutions

“Thank you for your excellent marketing presentation. This is the second time I had seen you ‘in action’. As I suspected, I got a whole load more useful tips, plus some reassurance along the way too.” Caroline Palmer, A La Carte Health

“Just a note to say a big ‘thank you’ for your stimulating talk today. I never thought that anyone would be able to turn marketing into such an exciting subject! You have certainly given us all some valuable ideas.” David Jacobs, Credit Protection Association plc

“Thank you for the marketing presentation. I learned a lot from what you said and the way you said it. Several of your ideas are a stroke of genius!” Steve Colegate, New Leaf Performance Coaching

“Thank you for such an informative and enjoyable marketing skills presentation! I particularly enjoyed the vast array of practical tips your offered. I am going to talk to our Managing Director and recommend that we include a lot of the ideas in our marketing plan.” Liz Danner, St Cross Design Communications

“Thank you very much for such an absorbing and informative marketing presentation. I left with far more material to reflect upon than I had expected! I fully intend to implement the items I wrote on my Action Plan at the end of the session.” Di Blackborough, Practice Manager, Rutherford & Co

“High energy and highly inspiring. Totally revitalised my attitude to marketing. It’ll change the way you think about marketing. Nigel’s seminars are an absolute must for any business wanting to grow. I went away with a ton of great ideas and a new hunger to succeed. Worth every penny.” Gareth Davies, GSINC

“Thanks for the seminar – I thoroughly enjoyed it. I picked up some really useful ideas!” Simone Foote, Tin Racer Design

“Nigel Temple certainly presents high quality material during his presentations.” Peter Debrou, Sales Skills & Strategies

“Thank you very much for the marketing seminar. Informative and excellent value for money!” Russell Palmer, Allantica Creative Direction

“Congratulations on your excellent marketing presentation. I know from talking to people afterwards that they were all impressed.” Peter Howatson, Independent Director Services

“Thanks for a great seminar. I’ve got four pages of notes to write up – usually I reckon one idea from a seminar makes it worthwhile!” Malcolm Newdick, Riverbank IT Management

“Exceeded my expectations. Very motivational!” Amanda Hatter, CompBen HR

“That was an outstanding marketing presentation!” Tony Foord, 4-sight Consulting

“Your presentation was very interesting and well delivered. There was a lot of useful information and I would not hesitate to recommend you.” Mike Mather, Pay it Forward

“Thanks for your informative talk last night. It was enjoyable – even at the end of a long day!” Mark Alliston, Merchant Makers

“Thank you for an energetic presentation – packed with lots of good marketing sense!” Giles Rushton, Rushton Partnership

“It was an absolute pleasure to attend your seminar. I certainly enjoyed it and as we know from the feedback, so did the other attendees.” Karen Gilgan, CIM Jersey

“I really enjoyed listening to your ideas on how to improve our marketing. It’s seldom that you come away from a presentation having been engaged and inspired. I did yesterday!” Alan Perchard, Ashburton (Jersey) Ltd

“Thank you for the valuable marketing seminar you presented last week. I was thrilled to participate in a workshop which pushed me to the next level.” Veronica Cooper, coaching4excellence

“A terrific presentation – as always.” Glenda Bland, Managing Director, Global Meeting Planning

“It was a brilliant presentation. You gave us so many things to think about. Great value for money!”Julie Binding, Chill Out Event Management

“That was a great presentation last night! It’s a pleasure to watch a professional at work.” Tony Harrison, Zeteo Limited

“It’s always great to hear someone speak with such passion.” Stewart Rogers, Crawford Technologies

“I would like to express my appreciation for your excellent presentation. The feedback has been very positive. Many thanks for a very entertaining evening.” Chris Frost, WBF

“Thank you for an excellent and most impressive presentation.” Martin Dibben, Ideas by Design Ltd

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