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Nigel TempleMy English website writing services – sometimes called content writing – include feedback, marketing advice, editing and webcopywriting. Writing website words can be a challenge, can’t it? Part of the problem is strategic: how should you position your enterprise? Who are you communicating with? What will get the customer’s attention? I combine over three decades of English copywriting experience with my marketing consultancy knowledge (3,000 clients so far).

I have been a professional copywriter for many years and my first book was entitled Writing Copy for the Web, which was published by Hodder & Stoughton (I am currently working on a revised version of this book). Interestingly, they found me via this website, which goes to show the power of words, doesn’t it?

First impressions are vital, when a new visitor opens up your website. The right headline, a professional design and well written wording creates the right first impression. If you love to write and you have a great deal of experience in this area, you have a strategic advantage. However, many business owners, marketing professionals, directors and managers feel that they could use some help, when it comes to writing for the web.

The key issues include:
*  Writing for your target market
*  Understanding the business and what it stands for
*  Creating and using an appropriate voice for your business
*  Finding the right headline for your homepage
*  Positioning your business in the customer’s mind
*  Understanding the features and benefits you offer
*  Creating customer engagement, so that they keep reading
*  Including appropriate calls to action
*  Generating sales leads and sales

There are two levels of webcopy:

Level 1.  Clear writing, which flows well and is grammatically correct. As you travel around the internet, do you find websites which are peppered with spelling mistakes and poor grammar? How does this make you feel about the people running the website? I have asked thousands of delegates this question, during my internet marketing seminars. They think that the website owner should, at the very least, get someone else to check their webcopy. I can tell you that this sort of thing really annoys people.

Many people tell me that they wouldn’t buy from a website with these sort of mistakes, as it is a clear message about the brand. “It’s sloppy, isn’t it?” a woman said, during a seminar. “If a Bed & Breakfast can’t spell accommodation, I’m not going to stay there. This inattention to detail will be reflected in their kitchen and the way that they clean the rooms. It’s the same for websites,” she continued. “Poor spelling and hard to read wording turns me off. It jumps out of the page. One click and I’m gone.” There was a murmur of agreement from the audience, when she said this. Interesting, isn’t it?

It takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve fluency with Level 1 writing. In my case, I spent three years as an apprentice copywriter within a marketing communications agency. My boss was relentless. I can see his red pen now, hovering over my double lined spaced printed first draft, waiting to strike.  By the way, I have written books, brochures, leaflets, print advertisements, Google AdWords, exhibition display stand material, websites, blogs, newsletters, social media campaigns and captions for quite small photographs.

Level 2.  Compelling copy, which makes the website visitor want to find out more, arrange a meeting with you, or place an order. One the one hand, it helps if you writer reads a great deal. This will help with their vocabulary and turn of phrase. On the other hand, it helps if the writer is a salesperson. Did I mention that I was trained to sell by Rank Xerox and I was also a coach on the Solution Selling sales training programme? I worked as a quota bearing sales professional for five years of my career.

When I am writing a clients’ website, I weave professional selling techniques into my copy, which partly explains where all the sales leads come from.

Search Engine Optimisation
SEO is important for most website owners. After all, they want to get significant amounts of traffic to their websites, don’t they? Ideally, they want to achieve this without paying for advertising. I can either work with your list of keywords or advise on this subject, as I have taught SEO for many years. I also use SEO and social media to attract traffic to my website (which may explain how you found this page).

Questions?Do you already have a list of keywords and phrases? If not, you are welcome to join The Marketing Compass and ask about SEO. We are always happy to quote for SEO consultancy, as part of a project (or separately).

A client of mine raised an invoice for £3,500 because of one word that I wrote within their website. The one word was used within a search. It brought a prospective customer from London to my client’s website, like a lightning bolt hitting the steel rod on a tall building. “You were at the top of page one for Google. You Lightning bolthave exactly what I am looking for,” the customer said when he called. What a great result. The SEO brought the customer to the site and the webcopy created a feeling of confidence, which resulted in the call and subsequent order.

Here are some of the ways that I can help you:
*  Writing the entire website for you
*  Writing key sections, i.e. the homepage
*  Giving you feedback and guidance
*  Teaching you how to write better website words
*  Creating the entire website for you

I help enterprises of all sizes, both within the UK and internationally. I work with clients all over the world on their webcopy. We communicate by email, telephone and Skype. Some of them visit me or we meet somewhere central, like London. Sometimes I travel to where they are (I was in Dubai recently, working with a senior team on their website words).

If you are interested in my webcopywriting services, either email or call Joanna on +44 (0)1628 773128 or fill in the form below. We look forward to hearing from you and I wish you all the best with your marketing.