Marketing strategy

* Are you using a push or pull marketing strategy? | 17 point marketing strategy checklist

* Do you stand out from the crowd? Read this article about differentiation

* Build a brand not just a business and have a clear brand strategy

* What is the difference between positioning, differentiation and brand?

* Show your product or service in use | Set sales and marketing targets | Use a CRM

* Startup marketing advice


* Learn to love your customers

* Understand the customer journey

* It is important to test different marketing options

Digital marketing

* Decide whether you are going for a digital marketing first strategy

*  Here is a detailed digital marketing checklist

* Here is a list of digital marketing tools


* Your website is your marketing hub & your website homepage first impressions matter

* Website navigation bar | How to write website words

* Reduce your website bounce rate | The 1 second rule | Use website caching

* Website tools: Broken link checker | Check your website speed

Website design

* Online graphic design: Canva | WebP, PNG, JPEG compression via TinyPNG


* WordPress benefits | Quick Draft | How many plugins? | SMTP | Free images | WordPress tips


* What are the benefits of business blogging? | Blogging tips | Blog frequency?


* SEO strategy is important as it brings customers to you who are interested in your products / services

* Title Tags | Description Tags | Anchor text links | Robots.txt file

* 2022 SEO Guide | SEO keywords | SEO tips | SEO Citations | Long tail or short tail SEO?

* Link building | How to get backlinks

Promotional mix

*  There are 37 promotional mix categories and at least 300 different promotional techniques

* Here are 31 website promotion ideas

Email marketing

* Send out a newsletter for example using Mailchimp | Email writing tips

* Mailchimp signup form | Use automation i.e. via Mailchimp customer journeys


* Copywriting tips | Writing better headlines | 26 headline writing ideas

* Use the word ‘you’ more frequently within your copy

* Use the AIDCA copywriting model | Detailed what to write about checklist

* Continually strive to simplify your message | Message repetition

Personal development

* If you are a marketer, you must keep learning and avoid fear of failure

* Here is a marketing glossary | Glossary of internet marketing terms

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Need some help?

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