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ChatGPT for marketing: how can it help?

By January 31st, 2024No Comments
ChatGPT for marketing

The rise of AI in marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a tectonic shift for marketers. Its ability to help with marketing strategy, finding new customers and interacting with them, AI technology has revolutionised the way that organisations can find and interact with their customers.

From enhancing customer experience to producing better forms of communication, AI has become an assistant for switched on marketers. In this article, we will explore the impact of ChatGPT for marketing purposes.

ChatGPT for marketers: your AI intern

ChatGPT by OpenAI was launched on November 30th 2022. It provides an opportunity for marketers to become more productive and creative. The conversational AI model can be employed for various marketing tasks, including planning, promotion and customer service.

Think of ChatGPT as a bright intern, who knows a great deal and who is quick to respond. Remember that interns need guidance, in order to get the best results.

Market research

ChatGPT can help you to write market research questions. Or you can ask it to review / improve your draft questions. It can then analyse and report back on survey data.

Campaign ideas

You can ask for promotional campaign ideas and themes for a given platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Ads.

Content creation

ChatGPT can assist in generating articles, landing pages, blog posts, emails, advertisements or social media updates that are tailored for a target audience. This is one of the most popular applications of ChatGPT for marketing. By offering the ability to produce high-quality draft content quickly, you can produce more content, more frequently.

Search Engine Optimisation

ChatGPT can create ‘oven ready’ SEO text. (As always, you have to read through the copy and make it your own).

Image creation

Original images can be created to your specification. An example being the one that I created for this article.

Customer service and support

While chatbots have been around for a while, the level of natural language understanding and context-awareness provided by ChatGPT can elevate the customer service experience. The AI can manage simultaneous customer queries in real-time. This can free up team members for more complex, less repetitive and more creative tasks. The result is quicker response times and higher customer satisfaction rates. These intelligent systems are only going to get better.

Customer insights

ChatGPT can be used to analyse customer data. Insights can be revealed regarding behaviour, preferences and points of interest. These insights can be fed back into your marketing strategy, helping you to understand what resonates with your customers.

Ethical considerations

The utilisation of ChatGPT should be carried out with an eye on ethics, particularly concerning data privacy and security. Businesses must ensure that conversations are stored and processed in accordance with relevant legal frameworks and that customers are made aware that they are interacting with a machine, especially in contexts where personal or sensitive information could be discussed.


The integration of ChatGPT into a marketing strategy represents a cutting-edge approach to customer engagement and data-driven decision-making. Its diverse applications, ranging from content creation to customer insights, makes it an asset for modern marketers.

However, as with any powerful tool, its ethical implications must be considered in order to maintain trust and adhere to regulatory standards.

AI is revolutionising the field of marketing. As AI technology continues to advance, its role in shaping marketing will only grow stronger. Organisations that learn about the capabilities of AI will gain a competitive advantage. However, it is essential to remember that whilst AI can automate and optimise marketing processes, human creativity and strategic thinking will always be crucial in developing successful marketing campaigns. By combining the power of AI with human expertise, marketers can unlock new opportunities in the digital age and benefit from ChatGPT for marketing.

Nigel Temple is a marketing and ChatGPT consultant, trainer and speaker. He offers a 2 hour Zoom conversation to discuss how your enterprise could benefit from ChatGPT. To find out more, either call 01628 773128 or email:

Here is Nigel’s ChatGPT workshop for marketers open course.

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