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How to use ChatGPT for headline writing

By January 31st, 2024No Comments

Headlines are the gateway to the rest of your marketing copy. Ideally, you should write multiple headlines every time that you write. However, who has the time for this extra work? This is where ChatGPT can help you.

To use ChatGPT for creating alternative headlines, you can follow these steps:

1. Define the topic: Clearly specify the subject or the theme of the headline. This helps ChatGPT to understand the context and the focus of the headline you need.

2. Provide an existing headline (optional): If you have an existing headline, provide it as an example. This gives ChatGPT something to refer to.

3. Specify style and tone: Indicate any specific style or tone requirements for the headline, such as formal, humorous or attention-grabbing. This helps to tailor the output to your requirements.

4. Length constraints: If there’s a word limit or a character count restriction for the headline, you should include this in the prompt. There is nothing wrong with writing a long headline, by the way.

5. Request variations: Ask ChatGPT to generate multiple versions. You can then select the best headline for your sales or marketing piece.

6. Feedback and refinement: After receiving the initial suggestions, you can provide feedback or request adjustments to better suit your requirements.

For example, you might say: “I need alternative headlines for an article about renewable energy advancements. The current headline is ‘Renewable energy sources surge in popularity’. I’m looking for something ideally under 10 words.”

As always, detailed prompts lead to better outcomes.

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Nigel Temple

Author Nigel Temple

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