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How to come up with ideas for a business book

By April 4th, 2019No Comments

I have decided to write a new business book and to blog about the process. Feedback and encouragement would be welcomed! I was, quite frankly, lucky with regards to my first book. Hodder and Stoughton – the global publishing company – found and asked me to write a book.

This was Writing Copy for the Web in a Week which was published in 2003.  It took me three months to research and write the manuscript. It was a short book: circa 20,000 words + cartoons. Sadly, this particular book is now out of print (it was part of a series which no longer exists).

The big issue, from my perspective, was becoming an author. To this day, I tell seminar audiences and clients that ‘author’ has the same Latin root as ‘authority’. So, if you publish a business book, you become an authority on your chosen subject. As soon as you decide to write a book, you feel good. Even in this digital age, authors are respected. No matter what size your business is, writing a book is good news. It can open doors, generate publicity and act as the world’s largest business card.

The first step is to decide what to write about.  Interestingly, I am often asked how to come up with ideas for a business book (and how to get published – which I will discuss within another blog). Here’s a tip: make a list (or create a Mind Map) of all of your areas of professional knowledge. You know a lot about a great many things, don’t you? Write it all down. Think in terms of your main areas of expertise and associated topics. For example, in my case, I know about marketing strategy. This connects to marketing plans, business models and the promotional mix, amongst other things.

Over the coming days, keep adding to your list. I keep my book ideas in the Cloud – so that I can access them from wherever I am, via any device. Your subconscious will work on this list and it will keep coming up with interesting new ideas. Authors will tell you that whilst they are writing book A, ideas for books B and C materialise. Ensure that you keep track of these ideas.

Once you have chosen the subject for your book – do some research and see who else has published in this area. You can do this via Amazon, as well as via bookshops. Do your best to come up with something original or at least a topic which hasn’t been done to death within its niche area.

I will be following this blog through in part 2.

If you are interested in this topic – by all means engage with me about it within The Marketing Compass community.


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