Marketing strategy review – 17 questions

The Marketing Compass logoWhen was the last time you reviewed your marketing strategy? Here are 17 questions to ask yourself:

1. Do you have an up-to-date marketing plan?

2. Does everyone in your team understand the plan?

3. How are your customers changing?

4. Are you still keeping close to your customers?

5. Are you segmenting your customers properly?

6. What are your competitors doing? How should you react?

7. Does your market positioning need to change?

8. Do you have new products in development?

9.  Are you pricing correctly?

10. Have you reviewed your geographical footprint recently?

11. How else could you reach your customers?

12. Do you have an integrated digital marketing strategy?

13. Are you taking advantage of the revolution in smartphone usage?

14. Does your marketing budget need reviewing?

15. Is your website working for you?

16. Are your marketing metrics still relevant?

17. Are your marketing results improving?

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