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New years resolutions for your business

By November 10th, 2013No Comments

Do you make New Years Resolutions? During the Christmas break, business owners inevitably think about their enterprises. Here are some suggestions for business-orientated resolutions:

* Build your brand. One way of doing this is to….
* Create more awareness, as new customers need to find you. The more often that your name keeps ‘popping up’, the better. Low cost ways of doing this include the social networks, SEO, PR and events.
* Become a better writer and write more often.
* Meet more people (i.e. via networking and by giving talks).
* Be kinder (everyone is doing the best that they can).
* Become a better listener.
* Be more creative. In the 21st century, creative thinking is crucial, in order to differentiate your business.
* Write a ‘significant item’, such as a manual, e-book or book.
* Arrange more 1-2-1 meetings.
* Work on your website (as this is your marketing hub).
* Update your CRM on a regular basis, so that you can keep track of dormant, current and prospective business relationships.
* Learn more about marketing. You can do this here:

If you would like some feedback on your marketing strategy, promotional mix and customer attraction processes – just ask. I offer a variety of services to suit different requirements.

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