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Buffer for social media sharing review

By June 20th, 2023No Comments

Buffer enables you to load up several days’ worth of social media updates, press the button and forget about it. Buffer offers a free version (up to 10 posts) and there is a also a paid for service, with more features.

Buffer enables you to share content via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and GooglePlus. The benefits include:
* Write posts in advance, i.e. when you feel like writing and have the time to do so (perhaps early in the morning / during your commute)
* The upshot of this is that your shares are spaced out (i.e a few hours apart)
* Buffer shortens hyperlinks automatically and provides analytics, i.e. the number of clicks per link
* You can add a Buffer social share icon to your browser (i.e. Chrome). When you find some interesting content – click the icon and the page / website you have found will be added to Buffer
* Buffer also works with a variety of Apps, i.e. Feedly
* There are lots of options, when you add content. For example, you can share now, share next or add your post to the queue

From time to time (depending on my schedule), I use Buffer to preload 10 Tweets, including marketing tips and quotations. These are drip fed into my Twitter account, at the rate of four per day. If I do this on a Monday morning, I can redo the exercise on Wednesday lunchtime and four Tweets will appear within my account every working day.

The paid for (‘Awesome’) plan costs US$10 per month or US$102 annually in advance. Features include the ability to add up to 200 posts to Buffer (that is a lot of posts) and connect to 12 social profiles (What! You have 12 social profiles?) In addition, two team members can access your Buffer account.

IMHO I think that it is fine to auto post helpful / interesting content to Twitter. However, you also need to login there and ReTweet other people’s posts and respond to feedback. Personally, I am not so keen on autoposting to Facebook, but it probably depends on what you are doing there. FB is of course quite different to Twitter, isn’t it?

Nigel Temple

Author Nigel Temple

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