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How to get started with podcasting

By February 19th, 2024No Comments

The Marketing Compass member Margi Ross (of Conscious Feminine fame) and I were talking about Podcasting during our monthly conversation. Podcasts have become popular, partly because since 2014, the Podcast app comes pre-installed on iPhones and other iOS devices.

One of the benefits of audio podcasts is that they are similar to radio broadcasts: you can listen whilst you are doing something else. This suits many of us, as we are leading such busy lives.

If you are wondering how to get started with podcasting, here the steps:

1.  Decide on a theme for your

2.  Mind Map or list topics that you can talk about for 7 to 10 minutes (you can record for much longer, however, 7 to 10 minutes is a good starting point).

3.  Decide whether you are going to get someone to record, edit and upload for you or whether you are going to record and edit yourself.

4.  If you want to have a go yourself, search for ‘Anchor podcast’ in the App store on your smartphone (it may show up as the 2nd or 3rd item). Anchor can be used to create, distribute, host and monetise your podcast and it is free. (As always with content sharing platforms, I advise you to read their Terms and Conditions).


5.  You will need a microphone that you can plugin to your computer.

6.  Download Audacity which is a free, cross-platform audio editor.

7.  Mind Map your first podcast. Yes, I know that you could type it out; however, reading a script so that it sounds natural is challenging, whereas a Mind Map will guide you through the podcast and you won’t have to shuffle papers.

8.  Have a few trial run-throughs, before you start recording.

9.  If you are using Audacity, export the audio file as an mp3 and upload it a platform such as Spreaker or Anchor (many others are available). From there, you can share your podcast.

There is a vast global audience out there waiting to hear from, why not start podcasting?

I am currently working on my inaugural podcast, by the way.

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Margi Ross is a member of The Marketing Compass.

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