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Zoom review

By April 28th, 2023No Comments

Zoom is a videoconferencing service. Here is their website:

I have been using Zoom for a quite some time and I find it be stable and reliable.

Within a free Zoom account, you can arrange calls which last up to 40 minutes. Once you start to pay for the service, you can setup calls which last for several hours.

For example, I recently delivered a six hour MailChimp training workshop via Zoom for nine attendees (all of whom were working from home) and everything worked perfectly. I am currently running virtual MailChimp open courses via Zoom.

The Zoom dashboard is straightforward.

I recommend that you go through the meeting setup page carefully, as there are quite a few options.

Tip: for business meetings and training sessions, tell the attendees how long the session will last. When you setup a meeting, you may wish to give yourself an additional 10 minutes at the end, in case you run over.

Having an end time for meetings is wonderful, isn’t it? It means that everything has to be covered within the allotted time.

Zoom generates a modal (popup) for each meeting. You can copy the contents.

I have found that I only really need the meeting URL and the meeting ID and password.

I send this information to the participants by email.

If you don’t use the video element, you can talk to each other and share screens. This is effective for training sessions, for example. A benefit of doing this, is that you will be using less bandwidth.

Nigel Temple

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